Rose in crepla rubber


Rose in crepla rubber

Whether you are a hobbyist or a do-it-yourself bride, intent on creating details for your wedding, this tutorial is for you. You will learn how to make a rose in foam rubber with a few simple steps.

Rose in crepla rubber

A tutorial for you who want to learn the art of hand-made flowers, or for you marry everything done, who are struggling with the preparation of your wedding. With this tutorial you can make a fantastic rose following the video step by step.


It will be a breeze, click the links at the bottom to download the template and see where you can find the materials.


The easy easy tutorial

Follow the video tutorial that will teach you how to model the foam rubber, but also how to color your rose, starting from a color base


Model your foam rubber flower, using the heat of a lighter, you will see what results.

Color each petal with crayons, using a brush or even a cotton swab. Often the most useful materials for making handmade flowers, we can find them in our home!


In addition, I advise you to make various color tests in a piece of foam rubber, so that you can practice and not risk having an unwanted effect in your already worked petals.


You will see that in the end you too will have results equal to the truth and if you want to apply yourself more, you can dedicate yourself to each petal with more detail, blending the color starting from the darkest shade and gradually lightening inwards, on each petal.


The easy tutorial for you

A tutorial that will help you to better develop your dexterity and to understand a splendid material which is, the rubber.

Make a beautiful composition using the previous tutorials, assemble and then take a nice photo! Remember to send it to me, I’ll be happy to receive it 🙂 Remember that you too! You too can create beautiful compositions by following the Unusual Bouquet tutorials! Subscribe to the channel and click LIKE the video, so you can help me give more and more tutorials to all those who, like you, want to learn.

Where to find the materials:

• Rubber crepe: Amazon

• Florist tape: Amazon

• School paints: Amazon

• Soft pastels: Amazon

• Florist wire: Amazon


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