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Design a new bouquet it is always a great emotion. Especially when I decide to create new proposals that can help you in choosing your most important wedding accessory. I feel a great pressure, because I know that I have to insert all my experience into a creation that has the task of guiding you and clarifying your ideas.

I don’t want you to be a bride who gets her on hers marriage , a wedding bouquet not in line with your tastes. And believe me when I tell you it happens very often. And what happens when we receive something that doesn’t fit our tastes?

We leave it aside, because we don’t like it. We don’t really wear it, because we are disappointed with those wedding flowers that were not like us, we had requested them.

Disappointed by that composition that does not identify us.

Disappointed because we didn’t have the right guide to help us materialize our desires.


In many years of weddings I have seen many brides in this situation and I absolutely do not want it to happen to you. This is why I make proposals that can help you in choosing your ideal bridal bouquet:

I want to help you make your wedding perfect.

I want to help you have a wedding bouquet to be proud of.


You may be wondering: “How can you help me understand, since I don’t even know what I want?”

Dear reader, this is the best part, understanding you and being able to help you.

Meanwhile, I can tell you that if you have come to this page it is because you like messy bouquets and surely your wedding will be in autumn. You will want the style and taste of this season to be respected in your wedding and you will surely want autumn colors to fit into your wedding color chart. You really like the ocher, red, yellow and orange colors and you identify with them as a romantic and very energetic bride. But you want white to not miss in your flower arrangement because it is the color that symbolizes marriage.

What do you say, did I manage to read your mind?

Still confused? So let’s go and see together, which autumn flowers I chose for this new creation.

Flowers for an autumn wedding

The flowers chosen for this creation are mainly roses. You will ask yourself “Why?”

From my artistic vision, November is a very romantic month with magical colors and which flower identifies romanticism in love? Surely the rose.

I did not want to dwell on creating the “classic” rose, I ranged with my imagination, even creating a rose flower designed by me. They are the roses you see in the sienna color, made of crepe paper. I wanted to give it a rebellious character by giving it very incisive and particular shades. They are accompanied by other types of roses, such as the delicate and bursting pink and straw yellow Iceberg, Hybrid Tea with orange tones and the English rose, very popular in wedding flowers.

The symbolic color of the wedding, white was inserted using orchid branches accompanied by anemone flowers. They couldn’t miss the classic curly autumn leaves in bright colors.

A Messy bouquet for an autumn wedding

As I told you before, the bouquet you see is a Messy composition, the latest trend in the field of wedding floral design. I covered a dedicated article “Messy Bouquet. A truly alternative bridal bouquet” to be able to help you understand if they could be bouquets that fit your strings.

The Messy autumn bouquet you see is a bursting composition with its 48 cm wide, bold with a depth of 27 cm and very chic with its 38 cm height characteristics that identified a Messy composition.

A bouquet that will never fade and will remain a floral arrangement in your love nest. It will also be an ethical choice for you that will lead you to have a bouquet that represents you and that you will like to wear for the duration of the wedding, respecting the environment that surrounds you. Unusual Bouquet philosophy.

Well dear friend if you believe that my experience can help you as a guide, in choosing your bridal bouquet do not be afraid to contact me, I’m here for you! If you want to see how this bouquet was born and how the futures will be born, follow me on my page Instagram , it will be a way to get to know me better.