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The “bouquet inspiration” project designed for you continues, to be able to offer you new creations that come to life from monthly payments. Through them I am inspired by designing new designs and developing new manufacturing techniques, always at the forefront. In February I created for you the bouquet hoop .

A bouquet inspired by the Tivoli carnival

The month of February has always made me think of the carnival full of colors and joy, accompanied by the desire for spring, thanks to its first warm sunny days.

My hometown is Tivoli and in the past it has always been a great organizer of unforgettable carnival parades. I remember that as a child we began to perceive the carnival from January. Passing in front of the paper mills, which were previously one of the pillars of the economy in those parts, one began to glimpse the construction of carnival floats. In the weeks that followed, you could see the evolution and transformation they took, it was like seeing them being born. The shows were well curated, from costumes to dance sets and every year there was a competition that won the most beautiful float.

I remember that there was so much majesty in those papier-mâché creations that everyone was amazed. The party was so big that the confetti never stopped coming down and you could find it in your winter jacket until the following year.

Even though the sun seemed eager to bring out its warmth, it was still lukewarm and for this reason my mother tried to stuff me well under her carnival costume, so that I could give it a chance to show it off.

I remember saying to her: “Mom !! But it’s sunny outside, so it’s too heavy!”

And she replied: “Don’t be fooled by the February sun.”

These memories do not leave you and still today, thanks to what was the carnival of Tivoli, I associate the month of February with colors and art.

Feather flowers for a hoop bouquet

All this baggage from my past inspired me to create the hoop bouquet.

I didn’t want it to be a dome shaped bouquet or a classic bouquet of flowers, but I wanted it to have a particular shape designed with crepe paper, just like carnival floats were built when I saw them being born as a child.

I made some wooden branches in crepe paper that I worked on giving it a particular design. The circular shape comes to life with three different branches, which intertwine in a game of soft lines.

In order to represent the carnival, I thought of using feathers. So after doing a great deal of research into materials and a study on how to work with them, I made some feather flowers with very special textures reminiscent of carnival costumes. But I didn’t stop there, I also wanted to experiment with new techniques to be able to color the feathers, so as to be able to create flowers with almost exotic notes.

These particular flowers are accompanied by blades of grass and wildflowers, created with the Somebana Japanese technique . I’m flowers made of silk and hand painted, using professional millinery tools, used in high fashion houses to make flowers for haute couture clothes.

Hoop bouquet size

With a width of 36 cm and a height of 40 cm, this bouquet is the pure essence of craftsmanship , created entirely by hand, his detail is meticulously cared for so that it can exchange this creation with a bouquet of cut flowers. With only one difference, the work you see is a friend of real flowers, in fact it is eco friendly and is destined to last over time. Like all the creations that bear the signature of Unusual Bouquet.

Signature that in addition to following a philosophy aimed at raising awareness for a better future, cultivates craftsmanship with dedication and professionalism Made in Italy merging it with the art .

All this to be able to give you ideas and works made with the feeling, for yours marriage single.