bride bouquet
bouquet of feather flowers, bridal bouquet, feather flowers, Takeo card

When I thought about making the bouquet of feather flowers , my first doubt was: – How can I distinguish this material which is so little malleable? One thing I have learned over the years working on different materials is that you can shape whatever you want, you just need to know how.

Feather flowers

Often they are seen bouquet of feathers which are copies of other copies seen on the internet, what I wanted to create was a creation that had the Unusual imprint.

I studied a lot to get to the final result and when I saw the first one flower finished, I realized that I had found a way to manipulate that material that worried me so much.

Each petal is hand painted and each inner feather has been inserted individually, so as to ensure the right position and angle. The pistils were internally colored by hand and then assembled. But something was missing to embrace this unique and unkempt lightness. It couldn’t be the usual reproductions of leaves, it had to be something like that flower. The paper Takeo it was my choice. A great ally in this new collection 2020 . Feather buds are embraced by this splendid ivory-colored parchment paper, continuing the processing also in the handle.

The bouquet of feather flowers

With a diameter of 24cm and a length of 27cm, this one bouquet is what is defined artistic creation . The colors that can be seen emerge, fading every single piece. The handle was conceived by intertwining threads covered with Takeo paper. The plot wants to symbolize life, unexpected and full of obstacles, but as always full of great surprises, which suddenly blossom making everything carefree and light, like the feather flowers in this bridal bouquet .


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