bride bouquet
bouquet of feathers, red, White

When I make a bridal bouquet for an Unusual client, it often happens that when the work is finished, I consider inserting the creation within my site. You, Unusual brides , you are my muses those who inspire me to create beautiful Unusual Bouquets and who encourage me by dedicating myself beautiful reviews.

A white and red bouquet

A bouquet of white and red feathers, made with flowers of crepe paper buttercups and feather flowers. This color chart can be used for a autumn wedding but also for some winter wedding. If, on the other hand, you want to organize a billy rock-themed wedding, surely with this bouquet of feathers, you will make a great impression. It is a creation that adapts to various wedding styles and themes and if you want you can take inspiration from it, to then be able to create YOUR bouquet.

The flowers of buttercups and feathers

Feathers are now a trend that has returned to the fore for several years. We have seen them being used in different sectors, in design, in fashion and also in bridalwear . Feather-embroidered bridal gowns have often made an appearance at presentations for the new season. Alternative bouquets, being accessories of wedding fashion, go hand in hand with the trends proposed by the great stylists. So why not make gods feather flowers perhaps accompanied by gods red buttercups ?

The bouquet of white and red feathers

Surely the choice of design and the association of the various details makes this bridal bouquet unique in its kind. With a diameter of 24 cm, in this creation there is a reproduction of the real stems, in the handle that make the handle very realistic. The lower part of the deck has been completely finished with feathers so as to give even more, a “disheveled” effect and lightness in the composition.