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The orange flower bouquet , comes from the proposal of my friend Flavio, in inducing me to create a bridal bouquet with orange flowers. Having understood the proposal, I wanted to create a bridal bouquet, delicate, minimal but that had a lot of detail inside.

The orange blossom bouquet

While doing research, I came across the bouquet of Kate Middleton and it was my inspiration for the orange blossom bouquet. Small, elegant and meticulous and with the waterfall shape , the bouquet of the principess Kate contained everything that came to my mind when I started thinking about this new creation.

So I started making the Orange flowers and the choice of material fell into silk .

Fabric flowers , meticulously worked, they took shape and were accompanied by lily of the valley flowers, cut one by one, hot folded with professional tools and finished with crepe paper. What you see today is the result of a process studied over the years and meticulously applied.

A very elegant bouquet

The peculiarity that distinguishes this bouquet are the feather flowers, made with the aim of giving an Unusual touch to the bouquet. To do this I chose some English feathers that have been cut, thus obtaining only the finest parts, which have been assembled together obtaining the movement that makes these flowers unique.

The handle, small and not bulky, guarantees a firm and not annoying grip.

17 cm wide and 18 cm long, this very delicate bridal bouquet is a delightful composition of small but high impact flowers.


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