bride bouquet
March, pageant bouquet

As you know there are various types of bouquets, to name a few there is the Bouquet , the Posy , the Messy and among these there is also the Pageant . I decided to include this particular shape in the bouquet inspiration collection, with the creation dedicated to the month of March, to be able to show you this type of bouquet .

What is the Pageant bouquet?

The Pageant bouquet is similar to a waterfall, which can be created in a downward or upward direction. With the latter, the bride has the possibility to place the bouquet on her forearm, so as to have a different wedding pose than usual.

The bunch of flowers is more compact than the other bouquets and the stem is much longer and slender, adorned with satin ribbon. Generally a maximum of two types of flowers are used to create the composition but this also depends a lot on the size of the flowers.

The pageant bouquet it comes out of the classic bouquet shapes giving uniqueness with few details.

Silk flowers for your wedding

The bouquet you are viewing was made with silk flowers created entirely by hand. Every single petal has been cut, worked and painted by hand in order to create daisies which are the symbol of the month of March, accompanied by gift flowers of magnolia .

The magnolia flower is one of a kind due to its candid beauty. It is much loved by brides, who are often forced to give it up due to their flowering linked only to the month of March. So, if your wedding date is in a different month, you definitely can’t decide to have this flower in your bridal bouquet.

Always if you opt for cut flowers. There are no such problems with silk flowers. Any flower can be made by reproducing it as true to life. So you can have a bouquet that is not just an artisanal product but a unique piece made just for you. A true work of art Made in Italy .

Dimensions of the pageant bouquet

With a length of 46 cm and a width of 33 cm in this bouquet there is a great attention to detail, a signature that distinguishes the alternative bouquets by Unusual Bouquet.

The care behind each work and the study that is done every time behind each creation is to be able to guarantee you a bouquet that is unique in its kind because you deserve to have uniqueness and particularity for your marriage , without forgetting elegance.