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Bouquet of roses and peonies

September’s peony and rose bouquetis a commissioned piece from a client who lives in Sydney, Australia. This was a somewhat unusual order…now I’ll tell you why.

The Australian bouquet

Luigina contacted me asking me, with great humility, if I could make a bouquet dedicated to her recently lost father.

Luigina’s dad was of Italian descent and loved to grow solid color roses, peonies and adored camellias with anemones in his garden.

Being a very particular request, I didn’t really know what to do…but reading Luigina’s long email, her love got to me so much that I accepted her proposal. Also, I felt honored, that I was chosen to be able to recreate such a strong bond between father and daughter….

because in the end that’s what we are always talking about, emotions, intense feelings, that make our hearts beat and enrich us inside.

Luigina’s wish was to have her father’s roses with her forever, just as he grew them in his garden. I could only give him once again, the memory that she has of when she was a child and admired these magnificent flowers that her father, with so much love cared for and made live.

Now this work will go on a long journey… it will go overseas in order to meet the one who decided to make her feelings materialize in an Unusual creation.

Luigina wanted together with the bouquet also a bouquet of flowers, with inside all the flowers reproduced in the work.

The bouquet peonies and roses

This bouquet was created with handmade silk flowers in shades of pink. Various shades that lighten towards white and then marry with pastel green, bring out the various facets of the composition. Coloring expressly requested by Luigina

The bouquet consists of two qualities of flowers of peonies, anemones, camellias and clearly, roses.

With a diameter of 24 cm and a length of 35 cm it is a work created with silks from Italian companies that produce their products respecting the environment.

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