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The Peonies bouquet marks the closure of 2016 studies for Unusual Bouquet .
For those who know me, they know that I am always looking for new techniques, constantly studying new materials.
This creation is the result of 1 year spent in a world that is new to me, but very stimulating, where I immediately felt at home and finally found my way to express myself.
When I finished this bouquet , I looked at it and I was moved … Who knows if it will be the same for you.


Bridal Bouquet Peonies: Bouquet for all seasons

Peonies wedding bouquet has been designed for all of those brides who love i real flowers , but they are often constrained by their wedding season or by the summer heat.

Buttercups and peonies are much loved flowers and thanks to this bouquet, there will be no more obstacles to having them.

Also, after the marriage , you will have the beauty of this bouquet always present in your home.

A memory that does not change over time .


The size of the peonies bouquet

The peonies bouquet has a diameter of 20 cm . Created with two different techniques, which reproduce the flowers inside, in a very realistic way. In addition to peonies and ai buttercups , inside there are buds of pink open and closed, which come out of the bouquet, giving movement to the creation.

Keep up with the latest fashions in the field of wedding , the stem of the peonies bouquet was embellished with long, colorful ribbons, and was reproduced by recreating the stems gods real flowers .

The hue used for this bouquet I’m pastel and very delicate.

A very bouquet romantic ed elegant thanks also to lace that finishes the whole bouquet.


Notes on reservations and delivery times for the peonies bouquet


THE peonies bouquet of Unusual Bouquet are handmade and are unique pieces in accordance with the bride style and its chromatic needs. To do this, it takes some time to coordinate, find the materials and any shipments. For those with very tight deadlines, I recommend viewing the last minute bouquet which in principle requires less time to be prepared. Contact me to get a precise idea of the timing of your creation bouquet .

And what do you think of the peonies and buttercups bouquet? Tell me in the comments or leave a vote!

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