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posy bouquet

And here is a realization of a posy bride bouquet , with a color palette designed for the month of December. Often when we think about this month, colors like red and white come to mind immediately, but for this bouquet I decided to break the mold. You will say: “Nothing new!” but you know that I love to offer you different visions than the standard ones, in order to give you new perspectives. So let’s go and see this new creation of mine together.

The vision of Unusual Bouquet

First question you are asking yourself: “Why should you necessarily think about the month of December?”

Because I have set myself the goal of making a bouquet a month, and now we are entering this month full of magic.


My interest is to introduce you to every side of my artistic soul, because I want you to know who I am .

So I thought that one of the best ways could be, to offer you a different bouquet every month, made with the Unusual vision?

Vision, which can help you, showing you that you don’t always have to go to the standard, which is imposed on us by the custom of the moment.

You can be in step with trends, even being yourself and expressing our particularity.

Which is what I always try to get out of my brides. Their beautiful peculiarity, so as to make it their fashion, their form of expression.

What is the Posy bouquet?

The bride who commissioned this bouquet from me came across my monthly “delirium”, so much so that she totally relied on my artistic vision.

So after getting to know her personality and after investigating every detail about her wedding, I made the Posy bridal bouquet for her.

You are probably wondering what the Posy bouquet is?

It is a reduced composition, designed with essentiality, the order it transmits perfectly matches a sophisticated bride. Unlike the Messy bouquet , where its peculiarity is the imposing shape, in the Posy bouquet the dimensions are reduced and every detail must be thought to create a soft and sweet style. The stems are decorated with details that echo the main color of the bouquet. Generally this bouquet wants a dome shape, but since my creations are all Unusual, I wanted to make it even more unique by making it with its own shape.

In case you want to know more I suggest you go and read this article on posy wedding bouquet.

Posy bouquet description

The creation you see has a diameter of 24 cm, and is composed of crepla rubber calla lilies, crepe paper roses worked in two-tone, green paper foliage and from lunaria or “Pope’s coins” , made with brass metal. There are few elements within this work, just as the Posy style requires and the great difficulty is in knowing how to balance them well.

Having a few details to work on can make life difficult in the assembly phase. But experience teaches and it is a card that I love to play, because by now I have a background that helps me to solve any artistic difficulties that arise.

But returning to our bouquet, as you can see the stem has a reproduction of the stems exposed and decorated with gold details. Color chosen by the bride as, main.

The great thing about this bouquet is that thanks to its design, it can be worn as you see fit because it doesn’t have a front or back. But the even more particular thing is that each side makes it look like a different bouquet, while binding together in a harmonious way.


Dear friend, also this month I have proposed my vision through an Unusual bouquet. Who knows what will come to my mind next month! If you are curious, you cannot miss all the updates of my creations, in my profile Facebook ! And even more if you believe that my way of working can help you in the realization of YOUR bouquet, do not be afraid, contact me, it will be a pleasure to meet you.