bride bouquet

The wedding wings bouquet is also part of the Ac / Dc collection, whose main theme is eco-sustainability and recycling. This work stands out from other bouquets because it is totally one of a kind.

A unique bouquet

The term single has as its meaning: “Which has no equal or similar in the particular area in which it is found” and it is the case of the wedding wings bouquet.

A creation designed to go totally out of every scheme, trying to break through every traditional barrier and increasingly embrace the philosophy of Unusual Bouquet!

Philosophy that has distinguished me in recent years making my way into the world of wedding.

Recycled materials

The protagonists in this creation are the copper wires, assembled and intertwined, almost to look like fine and shiny hair.

Its maximum length is 52cm and it is 21cm wide.

Everything was embellished with warm-toned flowers made of crepe paper. The finishes, small white paper feathers made by hand, make this bouquet an elegant and very particular creation.

If you want particularity, elegance and originality, this is the right bouquet for you!

Notes on reservations and delivery times of the wedding wings bouquet

THE bouquet of Unusual Bouquet are handmade and are unique pieces in accordance with the bride style and its chromatic needs. To do this, it takes some time to coordinate, find the materials and any shipments. For those with very tight deadlines, I recommend viewing the last minute bouquet which in principle requires less time to be prepared. Contact me to get a precise idea of the timing of your creation bouquet .

Let’s create YOUR bridal bouquet together!