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And here’s a retelling of a christmas bride bouquet signed Unusual Bouquet. Clearly it was created entirely by hand … including cinnamon.

Handmade wedding bouquet

When I write that my bridal bouquets are handmade, it means that inside there are no objects taken and assembled together. If there are some models, be sure that it is specified in the technical sheet. In this case the bouquet you see is made entirely by hand, every single piece has been painted and created to make a bridal bouquet one of a kind. With a diameter of 21 cm, it is composed of very romantic flowers such as Red roses crepe paper e the calla lilies in crepla rubber. To remember the snow, I wanted to insert white flowers in paper that are almost in the shape of a snowflake. The present copper wants to represent that Christmas warmth that only this holiday transmits. The whole is surrounded by winter foliage, cut and worked by hand.

The Christmas wedding bouquet

If you have chosen the Christmas period for your wedding, then this bouquet is the one for you. Romantic and one of a kind, this one christmas wedding bouquet will accompany you on your special day in a very special time of year.

Let’s create YOUR bridal bouquet together!