bride bouquet
paper bouquet

It may look like it was crocheted, but it isn’t.

It may look hand-sewn, but it isn’t.

It may look painted, but it isn’t.

What you see is paper worked into every single piece.

A unique paper bouquet

A paper bouquet out of any scheme, original and above all a unique piece for yours marriage .

A project studied in detail, right from the sketch on paper. Made with professional paper, each color has been cut by hand and then worked individually piece by piece so that the design that can be seen in the photo can be achieved.

With a diameter of 21 cm, this bouquet you will not be able to find it elsewhere because the type of processing and the realization was developed by myself.

A design that comes out of the box with elegance and great detail, with a captivating but extremely romantic color palette. If you want originality and uniqueness for your wedding, you are on the right page. A highly creative product can cross the threshold with you towards the fateful “YES”.


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