bride bouquet

The fancy bouquet 2017 is a reinterpretation of the fancy bouquet created at the beginning of my career by Unusual Bouquet.


The bouquet with paper flowers 2017

In recent years, my creative path has led me in different directions, making me change my way of expressing myself and therefore also of working many times. I have never had a specific style, my creations are different, but once upon a time bride he told me: “although you always make different creations, your hand can be recognized in every bouquet you make”.

This bridal bouquet it marks a much more mature and conscious new creative beginning.


The fantasy bouquet and its characteristics

Approximately 15cm in diameter, this bridal bouquet was made with paper flowers and little roses.

The dome of the bouquet it was closed with a tulle tutu with a paper fret around it.

The handle is covered in white satin with pink ribbon at the base.

It is a customizable creation in the colors and patterns of the cards with the possibility of combining button panel and accessories (for hair, bracelets, etc) or wedding rings .

This fantsia 2017 bouquet is ideal for those who want a touch of original romance to their own wedding .


Notes on reservations and delivery times of the fantasy bouquet

THE bouquet of Unusual Bouquet are handmade and are unique pieces in accordance with the bride style and its chromatic needs. To do this, it takes some time to coordinate, find the materials and any shipments. For those with very tight deadlines, I recommend viewing the last minute bouquet which in principle requires less time to be prepared. Contact me to get a precise idea of the timing of your creation bouquet .

Let’s create YOUR bridal bouquet together!