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When I started the Unusual Bouquet project, I was already well into the world of wedding and followed icons of the fashion bridal , like Giuseppe Papini. His wedding dresses , they have always fascinated me for their clean lines and unmistakable bows, never banal and always very particular. A signature that has always distinguished Papini from others.

A bouquet for Papini

Since 2020 was a difficult year and one of the most affected sectors was that of events, I decided to create for the bridal designer, a bouquet that represented his unique style by supporting his brand in this very particular moment. So starting from a sketch of his 2020 collection , I ventured creating the Giuseppe Papini bouquet.

The intention was to reproduce a bridal bouquet that by overturning it, it could remember a Papini wedding dress. Turning over the bouquet we see the sequin handle that represents the bust of a wedding dress, followed by the protagonist, a large bow, typical of the style of the fashion designer that masters on the front. The dome of the bouquet becomes a skirt with soft lines with silk plisse, which is enriched by three peony flowers worked with the Japanese somebana technique.

I have to be honest, between the emotion and the undertaking in the realization, I was afraid that in the end I would give up everything … Instead, despite the homemade plisse and my very bad familiarity with needle and thread, I managed to make this bouquet.

The Papini brand

This brand is made up of a wonderful team that has always answered me with such courtesy and enthusiasm. People who work in the fashion world and who despite everything confront and encourage those who are beginners. I want to thank Mrs. Daniela, with whom I interfaced, exchanging messages of encouragement in such a delicate moment.

Many thanks to all of you, you were kind enough to send me a thank you video with Giuseppe Papini . It was a strong emotion to see my bouquet in the hand of a great fashion bridal designer. I received wonderful comments in the various social networks where we follow each other and many shares from you … it was beautiful.


Papini’s comment via instagram, one of the best wishes and acknowledgments I could receive. These are great teachings, for those like me who still have a long way to go.

Thanks so much!