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If you want a original ring holder and personalized, this creation is the one for you. Made entirely by hand it can be customized in the initials of the names and in the color shades of the flowers.


Wooden wedding rings: a collaboration with Zucca di Legno

This is a project that was born from the strong desire to want to collaborate with Wooden Pumpkin. Behind this name is a family-sized team, which realizes wooden lettering with professionalism and dedication and a lot, but a lot of creativity. Stimulated by this world of love, wood and dyes, I decided with Noemi, or Pumpkin the feminine side of the team, to create a wedding rings . This creation had to be Unusual, with a double functionality, elegant and above all an original alternative to the wedding ring pillow. When two creative worlds meet, the sparks begin to shine and make a project born from an idea come true.


A wedding ring with the bride and groom’s initials

In the past I proposed a original ring holder using a throwing bouquet . But in this case we thought of creating a wedding ring that had the initials of the spouses linked by two wooden hearts. Within them the wedding rings , tied by a ribbon, all adorned with intertwining branches and paper flowers. But we did not settle for it, we wanted a creation that could also be manageable, since most of the time it is children who carry the wedding rings. So we created a handle by reproducing branches intertwined with each other with gods paper flowers .

But still the thing did not satisfy us completely …

So Noemi proposed to make a creation with a double functionality. A ring holder that could also be an inscription to embellish the table of the spouses .

This creation stands up on its own, so you can easily put it on the wedding table and have that extra touch of personalization.

It can also be an object of furniture in the bride and groom’s home.


Lettering in wood and paper flowers

Zucca di legno and Unusual Bouquet have collaborated together to create something unique and original. Now it’s only up to you to tell us the initials of your names and see your wedding ring made.

Let’s create YOUR bridal bouquet together!


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