bride bouquet
blue bouquet

My proposals for you bride continue, dedicated to each month of the year. The bridal bouquet you see now is a creation that wants to represent the month of January.

A bouquet of blue tones

This bridal bouquet wants to interpret the snow, symbol of the month of January, recreating it in all its shades of blue.

I bet you are now thinking, “But snow isn’t blue it’s white!”

Dear friend, you know when the snow has just settled on the ground and is not trampled on yet … intact in all its beauty?

Apparently it may appear to be of only one color, white. Instead it brings with it many shades of blue tones that gradually lighten to return to white.

I wanted to focus on three elements that in my opinion distinguish snow:

The softness, which we find in flowers larger.

The coldness of the pure snow air that is represented with colors reminiscent of ice.

The hardness that this winter element brings with it, found in the angular lines of the foliage.

My interpretation that wants to bring you back, with a single glance, in the middle of a natural environment full of beauty and purity.

A creation that has attracted very interesting criticisms, such as “A Bouquet that could participate in a Tim Burton film” , “You are the mother of flowers” , “Genius and art with you are a guarantee” … criticisms that I greatly appreciated after a long study and craftsmanship.

An eco friendly bouquet

Those who follow me know that my philosophy is to bring the eco friendly together with art in the world of wedding and this blue-toned bouquet is proof of this.

All the silk fabric you see are scraps from the atelier Elsa Sartoria, where I highly recommend you go and see hers wedding dresses .
But not only that, the flowers with their vaporous presence were created from a recycled silk of a curtain that, before being a flower, adorned a bedroom.

As you can see, I love being able to give a second life to all those materials that inspire me and I love doing it using art. In this way they will no longer have to be afraid of being abandoned because in this way they will be able to live forever.

A blue bouquet reminiscent of snow

With a depth of 25 cm and a width of 34 cm, this bouquet was created by reproducing the stems of the flowers in the handle. The whole was adorned with a braided blue satin ribbon, as if it resembled a bodice of a wedding dress.

The height of this creation is about 40 cm, with a very elegant line and a very particular shape it is certainly a bouquet that you can keep in your home as a design object, perhaps next to your wedding photo.

Dear friend, also this month I have presented to you a very particular creation, made only with the help of the hands and the heart. I hope you have aroused emotions looking at it, perhaps bringing you back to happy past memories in the snow. This is the gift I want to give to every person who comes to visit me in the Unusual home, to give them emotions.