bride bouquet
April, spring bouquet

Spring brings with it color and many varieties of flowers that we can see blooming in the fields. Their smell and their beauty give, a natural cure for our mind. It is precisely for this reason that I wanted to reproduce in this bouquet dedicated to the month of April, all the beauty and chromaticity that we find in wildflowers.

The spring bouquet

In order to offer you a bouquet with a brilliance equal to that of wildflowers, I had to face several studies both on materials and on how to mix the color well. And after many attempts I managed to find the right harmony to be able to give you an excellent result.

As you know, I am always very devoted to making a great contribution towards our parent company, the environment. This is precisely why the project Unusual Bouquet was born with the intention of raising awareness in the world of wedding, bringing within the weddings the use of alternative flowers , created with recycled materials or from Italian companies that produce their products, respecting the environment. All this to be able to give you an alternative to bridal bouquet of cut flowers.

And if you are thinking that cut flowers are the symbol of mother nature, know that this is not the case. I invite you to read this article “What’s behind the flowers” where he explains to you that cut flowers are very harmful to the environment and also to the workers who are dedicated to their production.

Silk flowers

The spring bouquet was designed to recreate the explosion of colors and liveliness that we find in the flowering meadows. All this united by a unique design in a creation that will never die.

The flowers you see were created in silk with the ancient Japanese technique Somebana . This technique involves the use of specific tools that give the possibility to create petals and leaves with incredible detail. Clearly, first you have to study hard and do a lot of practice before being able to give life to what you create.

Flowers like the iris and the hydrangea, although they are not wildflowers, they have been inserted in order to enrich creation, for you bride that you will have to go to the altar. The whole is then embraced by a spiral that symbolizes life who was and who will be, together with the chosen person And despite the difficulties of life, represented by interlocking and intertwining green branches, everything will be fine and there will always be the flowering of a new bud of life.

With a total height of 45cm and a width of 23cm, this bridal bouquet is the perfect combination of design, art and sustainability. A work created entirely by hand by a defined artist master artisan at a European level from Michelangelo Foundation. By choosing it, you will have the opportunity to embrace the Unusual Bouquet philosophy by making an ethical choice that will lead you to have a creation with an exclusive design. It will furnish your love nest, giving you great emotions at every glance.