bride bouquet

When the question is: “Elegance and particularity in a single solution?”. The answer can only be, Total white cascading bouquet!

For all those brides who want to leave everyone speechless, this bouquet is for them.

A Cascading Paper Bouquet

Made entirely of white paper, this one bridal bouquet it has a diameter of 23 cm and a tail of about 33 cm.

Composed of rose , hydrangeas and foliage, its particularity is also due to the small flowers that seem to hover around the dome.

This is a creation that has a lot of detail and that appears to be a bouquet made with marble.


Particular wedding bouquet

Everything you would like in one particular bridal bouquet , you find it in this creation that will make the day of yours marriage even more beautiful.

A memory that will remain with you forever and that will be part of the decor of your new home.

Not just a bridal bouquet

An Unusual “Bouquet” is not only a bridal bouquet but it is also a design object that will fill your heart with joy and make the corner where you display it special.


Notes on reservations and delivery times of the total white cascading bouquet

THE bouquet of Unusual Bouquet are handmade and are unique pieces in accordance with the bride style and its chromatic needs. To do this, it takes some time to coordinate, find the materials and any shipments. For those with very tight deadlines, I recommend viewing the last minute bouquet which in principle requires less time to be prepared. Contact me to get a precise idea of the timing of your creation bouquet .

Let’s create YOUR bridal bouquet together!