bride bouquet
cascading bouquet, flower from fuchsia, paper flowers, Takeo

This bridal bouquet was created in collaboration with Lucilla Giuliani of Lucilla Paper. Lucilla is one Flower designer and creates paper models for paper florists and online workshops. When he contacted me to get to know me, I immediately proposed the creation of the fuchsia flower … a new collaboration was about to be born.

The fuchsia flower

Attracted for a long time by this fantastic flower, thanks to Lucilla I was able to create it in a completely Unusual style.

Furthermore, it was a real pleasure for me to have Lucilla’s pattern in exclusive .

When creative collaborations are born, unique projects come to life. Lucilla is a great professional who organizes courses for all those who approach the world of paper flowers. I suggest you get to know her through hers social channels, you will find a great beautiful person.

Cascading bouquet

When I had the model paper in my hands, I looked at it thinking that I had to make that flower by working it in my own way, but above all with very special papers.

I confronted Lucilla and she introduced me to the cards of the Takeo , (never stop learning) the largest Japanese card dealer. I totally fell in love that I decided to use them. They were the right cards to make this beautiful flower.

The search for exclusive materials has always been one of my characteristics that leaves a mark, distinguishable in my creations. For this cascading bouquet , I wanted to insert feathers, the main feature of this new collection 2020 . So I ordered some English feathers so I could guarantee a great effect. In addition, the whole structure that can be seen has been finished by hand piece by piece.

A unique bridal bouquet.

With a maximum length of 50cm and width of 20cm, this bouquet can be worn in different ways. Thanks to its handle and its handle, meticulously finished, this creation can be worn both on an arm, if you want to have your hands free or by hand. Whatever your choice will be, the cascading flower bouquet from fuchsia , will have an enchanting, elegant but above all unique effect.


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