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When I started thinking about the realization of this bridal bouquet , my goal was to create a dome that had movement, that was alive. I didn’t know how to do it yet, I enthusiastically stumbled upon this new creation.

A graceful bouquet

A white dome, with a great energy of colored shades. Light and elegant buds sprout, creating life and giving movement to a bridal bouquet , destined for a magical day. The marriage is the dream of every woman and it is precisely for this reason that every detail must be romantic, identifying and above all must express poetry.

The bridal bouquet with feathers

With a diameter of 20 cm and a length of 27 cm, it was made entirely of feathers and with Japanese Takeo paper. The shades of colored were made by hand, brushstroke after brushstroke. The closure of the dome was made by hand coloring the Takeo card and then treating it to be able to bring out the character that this card has. The result is a green lawn, simulated only for this bridal bouquet. The handle has been finished, stem by stem, with a white ribbon cover. I talked about poetry, about romance, elegance and particularity, all that encloses this bridal bouquet with feathers, all that is the new collection of 2019 wedding bouquets by Unusual Bouquet.


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