Posy wedding bouquet


Posy wedding bouquet

The Bouquet is an essential element of the bridal look, its aesthetics reflect the style of the bride he was born in marriage. One of the most popular in recent years was the Posy bouquet .


Posy Bouquet

The peculiarities of the Posy bouquet are to be compact (quite the opposite of the Messy bouquet ), collected and expertly designed to elegantly accompany the bride to the altar.

It has a shape rounded although compared to the classic round bouquet it is smaller . The stems are exposed often accompanied by ribbons and lace.

Its delicate and ethereal appearance adapts to any style. The essentiality and the order it transmits, they go perfectly with a sophisticated bride . Due to its circular shape it is symmetrical, soft and sweet, but above all beautiful to look at.

The bridal bouquet Posy it is not bulky, so it will not obscure any detail of the dress, which will indeed be enhanced by this bouquet as a floral light point.

In addition, it will be comfortable to wear throughout the day, from entering the church to throwing the bouquet. Here you can watch my latest creation of posy bouquet .


Bouquet of Roses and Pearls


The flowers of the posy bouquet

Fresh flowers are a great classic for bridal bouquets. Naturally chosen according to the bride’s taste and often chromatically matched to the wedding event.

By choosing fresh flowers you are however tied to seasonality of the blooms, for this reason different or particular varieties could be unavailable or unobtainable for the wedding day.

That said, I see particularly well a posy bouquet consisting of roses, anemones, lily of the valley and a little bit of foliage. But also peonies is buttercups, tight, they can create a breathtaking posy bouquet. If you then want to go on the particular I would dare with dahlias is wildflowers , or again, thrush is lavender. Everything can be enriched with ribbons, lace, pearls or other delicate accessories.

In short, there would be dozens of ideas on flowers to use to make your posy bouquet.


Alternative posy bouquet

The choice of alternative bouquets lately it is having more and more admirers. On the other hand, the pros are remarkable. First of all, this bouquet gives infinite freedom of choice, it does not follow the dance of the seasons and it is also possible to insert flowers that refer to distant places.

It does not fear sun, rain or snow and there is no danger that during the wedding day it will wither or be damaged. Finally, it is designed with a balanced handle, to never tire the bride in wearing it.

And this is how even the posy bouquet has been counted among my creations, each time a unique work for a single bride, unique for me too.

bouquet_posyThe style of the posy bouquet

Where there is no need, due to the particular style of the wedding (wedding in style comes to mind baroque ), the posy bouquet can be made in such a way that marry any style. In fact, being basically a miniature bouquet, it is able to adapt to any theme.

That you love the rustic style, shabby , boho chic , country or romantic, the posy bouquet is always suitable, considering that with alternative bouquets there are many ways to give a traditional or totally glamorous look to floral arrangements.

The posy bouquet exudes grace and beauty for its being sinuous but not intrusive and it is these characteristics that make it ideal for brides who choose it.


Bouquet Posy: the bride in contrast

We are living in years in which the trend towards “big” has taken hold. I would add big and disheveled. This explains the great demand for Messy and wild bouquets , which have precisely these two characteristics.

But the posy bouquet however it remains a enchantment, a something particular that gives that something more of refined. Although so minimal, the posy bouquet inevitably becomes the object of the guests’ glances and the more it turns out to be particular and delicate, the more it arouses approval.

In short, the elegance of the posy bouquet is something for a few admirers, lovers of glamor and absolute beauty, indifferent to the fashions and styles that change with each wedding season.



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