Princess Bouquet: The Royal Brides

Princess Bouquet: The Royal Brides

THE royal weddings they are among the most popular marriages ever. But what are the bridal bouquet that the princesses in recent years have chosen to show off? Let’s find out in this article.

The Brides Dream Bouquet

Every woman dreams of the princely wedding and there are those who fortunately should not dream of it, because she is really a princess and can live this magical moment in the Royal style.

A simple wedding becomes a state event that involves every fellow citizen. In fact, there are no royal marriages that have gone unnoticed, all of them have been studied, talked about and very much followed by all parts of the world.

In recent years they have been 3 the Royal Wedding that have caused a following, a sensation and envy all over the world let’s see what they were:

  • The first of all the marriage between William and Kate
  • Then followed by the marriage between Meghan and Harry
  • To finish with Charlotte and Dimitri


What were the bouquets chosen by the princess brides?

The first marriage we said was the one in between William and Kate was certainly the most followed ever, William being the direct heir to the throne after his father Charles.

The wedding was a real event followed all over the world and which involved not only London but all of England. Kate was beautiful on her wedding day in her gorgeous white dress. There have been no major criticisms for her indeed everyone has been fascinated by her.

Kate’s Bridal Bouquet

Kate Middleton bouquet


The bouquet chosen by the bride was a small bouquet is composed by lilies of the valley , hyacinths, myrtle and a variety of carnations which in English are called “ Sweet William “That is sweet William. Coincidence that the groom is called exactly that? The answer is obviously no! Everything has been studied in the smallest detail.

Meghan’s Bridal Bouquet

meghan markle wedding bouquet

The second marriage we have mentioned is the most talked about ever, that is the one between Meghan and Prince Harry . The marriage was criticized because Meghan is an American actress who had nothing to do with real life until the moment she met Harry. An incredible love that led them to challenge everyone by reaching the altar.

The wedding bouquet chosen by Meghan it’s a bouquet dedicated to Princess Diana , mother of William and Harry, who died in a tragic car accident in 1997. The flowers chosen for the bouquet were i do not forget me , the astilbe , i lilies of the valley , the myrtle , astrantia and of the stems collected by Prince Harry in the gardens of Kensington Palace. The bouquet has kept the traditional colors of white and the contained dimensions in perfect princely style.

Charlotte’s Bridal Bouquet

charlotte casiraghi bridal bouquet

Finally the last marriage we mentioned was the one between Charlotte Casiraghi and Dimitri Rassam , the choice here was beyond any tradition. The wedding held in Provence was a alternative princely wedding (how much I liked it!).

In fact, Princess Charlotte chose to wear a country wedding dress and chose to accompany her dress with a bridal bouquet composed solely of ears of wheat and lavender . A small bunch of flowers held in the hand and perfectly in line with the style of the wedding.

We too can follow the princely wedding style and choose to be inspired by all those details that make a wedding unique. The wedding bouquets chosen by the princesses are easily replicable even in alternative versions while maintaining their quality and beauty unchanged.

Do you also dream of a Princess Bouquet? Let’s talk about…


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