Real flowers or fake flowers? Which ones to choose for your wedding


Real flowers or fake flowers? Which ones to choose for your wedding

Being a wedding professional, I often find myself confronting brides and even colleagues in the sector on the difference between flowers real or fake flowers. Which choice could be the best, a bouquet alternative bride or fresh flowers? Let’s see what came out of a survey.

Fresh flowers or fake flowers?

By asking this question to 10 brides, they all answered “fresh flowers for life!”. But then seeing my creations they exclaimed “Ah! This is beautiful” or “Mamma mia what splendor”. In some creations they couldn’t tell whether they were real or fake flowers. This is what happened when for a week I did a survey with brides, to understand if they preferred real flowers or fake flowers, for their marriage .




If their reaction to mine bouquet it was positive, because then the dry question “fresh flowers or fake flowers?” most of them respond “fresh flowers?” Simple the question is wrong. When the concept of fake is proposed for a wedding, the bride tends to refuse because she sees it as a concept linked to the lack of elegance and also of little value. But when they show creations made with great professionalism, which tell and are unique pieces, many of them change their mind and admit that a bouquet alternative is beautiful and they would like it for their wedding.


Real flowers are not comparable with alternative flowers and vice versa. Defining alternative fake flowers is derogatory because they are handcrafted products. There are really fake flowers, such as those we see in Chinese shops and I realize that on the web there are bouquets, really made with such materials that are then packaged to be then sold at high prices, with minimal labor, but the bouquets alternatives are others.

They are made entirely by hand petal by petal and behind there is a great craftsmanship. There is a refinement in the materials and a study in the design that must be constant, so as to be able to offer each customer their own alternative bouquet. There is a photographic knowledge … you will say “what does it mean?” It means that in the design phase, many factors must be considered that then affect the wedding photography. These factors are the shape and colors that are used in the bouquet.

How many times have we seen in photography, white bouquets getting lost in the color of the wedding dress and not emerging or bouquets with a disproportionate shape compared to the bride’s miss to be tacky, well this happens when you don’t have the right knowledge to be able to advise the customer.


There are some bouquets that I make, like the Lego , which have a diameter of 15 cm. I do not recommend, against my interests, to make it bigger, because a lego bouquet, despite its small size, visually already has an important presence.

What bride are you?

Alternative bouquets and bouquets of real flowers are simply two different products that give the bride the possibility to choose whether to orient herself on a bouquet of flowers or an artistic creation.


Being a very important accessory for the figure of the bride, always decide with the heart following your tastes and never being afraid to dare.

If you are a bride who loves real flowers, choose a beautiful bouquet that is right for the chosen wedding period. Find out first which flowers are most suitable and choose from them the one that most identifies you as a bride. If your wedding will take place in the summer, choose flowers that can last in high temperatures such as a peony or gazania (the latter much appreciated for its aesthetic qualities) in this way you can guarantee yourself a “lively” bouquet for most of the day.

If, on the other hand, you are a bride who prefers an alternative bouquet and you want me to represent you and tell you about it, you just have to contact me. It will be a pleasure to meet you and hear about your love story.

Beautiful things are for your wedding

Dear bride, when a product is suitable for you, you immediately realize it because it steals your heart. Surely you will want only the best for your wedding, so make an informed choice, without exaggerating by affecting your wedding budget too much. Establish the most generous costs on the really important things, you will see that the final result will satisfy you fully. I realize that in organizing a wedding you can get lost, but you will see that if you start on the right foot, writing down in a diary what you absolutely want for your wedding and what not, the risk of finding yourself suffocated is really minimal. Then pen in hand and immediately start daydreaming.

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