Sara and her last minute wedding 2020


Sara and her last minute wedding 2020

Sara is an Unusual bride who contacted me 20 days before her wedding date. His was a marriage last minute , of those organizations “said and done”. When we spoke on the phone he confessed to me: “… tonight I decided to have a alternative bouquet and on your site I chose the pearl bouquet! I would like it in ivory! ”

The ivory pearl bouquet

When Sara contacted me it was 20 days before her date wedding . He told me that given the current situation in the world due to Covid-19, with his partner they had remained undecided until the last moment whether to get married or not. But once again, love has triumphed! On 22 August 2020, Sara got married in common, with the intention of repeating the event in the church in the year 2021. Since the decision was made suddenly, the whole organization of the marriage it was done quickly and with a limited guest list.

When he contacted me he said: “… this night I decided to have a alternative bouquet and on your site I chose the pearl bouquet ! I would like it in ivory color! “.

Actually, Sara’s request for a quote was sent at one in the morning, so I imagine that between work and the preparations for her last minute wedding, she dedicated herself to the wedding bouquet late at night. Ideal time to decide in total relaxation and with the plug disconnected from all thoughts.

Ivory wedding dress and J’Adior shoes.

Given the short times, we immediately coordinated to be able to start the project. Sara sent me photos of the wedding dress and shoes, so that I could view them and create a coordinated outfit in line with her outfit. The shoes were a very special accessory, as the bride chose J’Adior. Being the ivory dress and the black shoe I decided to bring the detail of the bow of the shoes, in the bouquet.


There was just one small detail to respect, the bride didn’t like having too much black in her bouquet … So I decided to mention it not giving up on highlighting the details taken up in the J’Adior slingback dècolletè .

Sara and her ivory pearl bouquet

And here she is Sara with hers pearl bouquet with an ivory tone. As soon as the package arrived, she immediately sent me a photo of her along with her wedding accessory …

bride - bridal-bouquet

… accompanied by this beautiful message.


Replicated in a new one, the day after her wedding.

The care they have every time Unusual brides it is moving towards me. Thanks Sara!

A bride with great style.

And here she is Sara on her wedding day, beautiful in her wedding dress! I have to say this girl has great style!

bride-bouquet - wedding




Best wishes guys, I wish you a big good luck for everything!




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