Silk flower bouquet


Silk flower bouquet

Have you ever thought how beautiful it would be to wear a silk flower bouquet for your wedding? It’s something unique that resists fashions and changes, but most of all it’s yours. Yes, because the handmade flower bouquets of Unusual Brides are true works of art that are born from a project and are made in my hands, all different from each other. Behind each bouquet of silk flowers there is a painstaking work that I will now tell you about, so that you will be even more curious. As you read on, we will discover together the wonderful world of silk flowers for a fabulous wedding bouquet!

An ancient art dating back hundreds of years

Silk flowers have their roots even in the stories of the Old Testament, but they spread mainly in the Greek world and during the Ancient Romans. Our beautiful country is well acquainted with the handicraft discipline of silk flowers, a technique that is propagated in Tuscany, in Siena, and in general in all cities of art. In my work I was inspired by an ancient Japanese method, the so-called Somebana, but there is also a Korean technique called Chaehwa.

Making silk flowers is a very complex operation: it is necessary to start from the project and the drawing which is done by hand, with a pencil on the fabric. The flowers are then cut out and worked with a special tool that allows them to be perfectly supple.

In this way we obtain different petals with which to compose the bouquet of flowers and create something unique, original… exceptional.
With silk I can make bouquets of different flowers, letting myself be inspired by the most traditional shapes, such as roses or daisies, up to the most particular inflorescences.

Silk flower bouquets

Every Unusual Bride is unique and unrepeatable, with her own style and personality, which is why her bouquet of flowers must also be special.

Let’s create a special bouquet together

A silk bridal bouquet is a unique piece, completely handmade and custom-made. As well as being an artistic creation with a strong craftsmanship value, it is also an eco-friendly object.

In fact, I use recycled silk scraps from fashion ateliers such as Giuseppe Papini, which help to put an idea, a project, back into circulation, to revive the subject of the composition. Recycling is very important: thanks to remnants of silk fabric, I make bouquets that are truly ready-made, unprecedented objects of art.


A bouquet of silk flowers also has a thousand lives, a bit like Alfred Hitchcock’s famous protagonist or the lives of cats.

bouquet of calla lilies

I make silk bouquets that you can use even beyond the most beautiful day of your life, as a design accessory. You will be left with a prestigious object, a work of art that you can use as a floral garnish, centrepiece or wall decoration of the highest craftsmanship.

The silk fabric

This is a fibre of natural origin that comes from the silkworm, or there are vegetable alternatives, in cellulose or elastene. When I choose the yarns for my silk bouquets, I only select OEKO TEX fabrics, which are completely free of toxic substances and environmentally friendly.

In addition, I take care to collect only recycled fabrics that come from discarded clothes or surplus samples, lab leftovers and eco-friendly products.

A bridal bouquet can finally last forever, just like a diamond on a wedding ring: it will be your object to pass on to your little girls.


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