My silk flowers are handmade using fine fabrics from high fashion ateliers, working the fabrics with the ancient Japanese Somebana technique to achieve the highest quality results.

Art, craftsmanship, ecology, all this to be able to create what I love to do: giving life to materials, shaping them piece by piece into a petal. Filling them with liveliness with pigments of vegetable origin. By shaping them in a particular design so as to make them stand out and make them come alive.

I’m Jessica Ciaffarini , appointed Master Craftsman from the Michelangelo Foundation.

silk poppy


THE silk flowers have always been a great completion of dresses, hats is accessories for the outfit of the woman and in some cases also of the man. We have seen them parading since the early 1800s protagonists of showy hats or large ornaments of hair accessories. Often used in details for men’s jackets, or for embellish ceremonial dresses Women’s. Often also present in theaters to adorn silly costumes, i silk flowers they are an artisan form that is still very present today in the great catwalks of fashion in the world.

There creation of silk flowers it’s a real one art that grows with the great commitment and constancy of every day, in training the hand in dexterity and the mind in the vision of new forms of design and color. This is what I am doing with the project Unusual Bouquet , to re-emerge an art that since the Middle Ages Italian artists had embraced and had made their own, with skill and great techniques, creating with my vision as an artist.

Vision he wants Respect the enviroment and wants to sensitize society to the reality of cultivated cut flowers. A very cruel reality that exploits the environment, defacing it of resources and polluting it with chemical pesticides and CO2 emissions. Furthermore, behind their cultivation, there is a great exploitation of local workers.


Today I want to propose an answer to all this through my silk flowers. Art with a unique magic , combined with the use of waste silks from high fashion atelier or taken by companies that work with the commitment not to impact too much on our environment.

Art, craftsmanship, ecology, all this to be able to create what I love to do: give life to materials that would end up in landfills, shaping them piece by piece into a petal. Filling them with liveliness with pigments of vegetable origin. By molding them into a particular design so as to make them stand out and make them live .

The craftsmanship acquired over the years has led me to have the nickname of Master craftsman from the Michelangelo Foundation and to create constantly evolving creations.

The desire to create a product that can describe the hidden personality of one bride who is about to realize his dream, directs me towards the creation of a work that he wants excite the viewer .

handmade silk flowers


Unusual Bouquet is a brand specialized in fabric flower creation for high fashion. We want to focus on silk flowers , one of the most precious and requested materials of the moment.

Unusual Bouquet stands out for its way of transforming materials and for its approach to the organization of work. Through a discussion with the customer, Unusual Bouquet understands and advises how to be able make the most of the garment with his creations.

According to Unusual Bouquet, the comparison with the customer is fundamental. From there we start to understand how best make the required flower so you can have what you were looking for. Being products made entirely by hand and not in series it is essential that the craftsman can immerse himself in the project he wants to enhance, so as to be able to propose a design that is exclusive but also functional.

Not flowers in series, but silk flowers made especially for its customers and for the clothes that will have to be embellished with these unique details.

We realize handmade silk flowers working the fabrics with the ancient Japanese technique Somebana to achieve the highest quality results.

The fabrics used are scraps from ateliers such as Giuseppe Papini is El’Sa tailoring , where they prefer to give a second chance for rebirth to what should instead be thrown away.

A great awareness towards our environment that allows Unusual Bouquet to work the scraps, so that it can create wonderful silk flowers for high fashion.

Silk is a fine and refined fabric, which has always been used in high fashion . My silk flowers for high fashion , are intended to be a complement to it. Usable on luxury clothes , formal dresses is wedding dresses , both for her and for him.



Silk flowers can also be created for enhance the wedding dresses . More and more often I have requests to reproduce the main flower of the bouquet as a silk detail that can be applied to the wedding dress.

In this case we collaborate with the atelier who will have to make the dress, in order to understand the suitable size to be able to reproduce the flower and also how it should be applied on the dress. Fundamental details that will have to be clarified, in order to have a clear picture and define what the final product will be.

This trend is also present in the high fashion wedding .

Every year we see the presentation of high fashion wedding dresses from New York Bridal Week to Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week . Great brands parade proposing new designs and styles that are always unique and innovative but there are also dresses with a classic and pure line.

Certainly the idea is to move towards a metamorphosis of tradition by going through the cultural change that is increasingly present in our society.

In all this, silk flowers do not disappear from this innovative panorama, on the contrary they are increasingly present, so much so that in the last edition’s Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, we saw dresses accompanied by wedding bouquets made of fabric .

Silk flowers that adorn the hair of the models in coordination with the bridal bouquet is petals that go to embellish fluffy skirts or long train of silk veil. As I said, it is an art that does not disappear but we find it very present also in brands such as Chanel who has in his atelier in Paris, a section with craftswomen skilled in practicing the art of silk flowers .

This is a reality that is becoming more and more present and being one of the representatives in the sector, I am very proud of this result.


silk iris_

There history of silk flowers it dates back to about 3000,000 years ago where they are first mentioned in the Book of Kings of the Old Testament.

Queen Sheba had put Solomon to the test with several tests he had to pass in order to prove himself worthy of her. One of these was to recognize the only one that was not artificial among 12 bunches of lilies.

He ran to the aid of Solomon, a bee who alighted on one of them identifying it as the natural flower.

In Egypt, flowers were made by coloring linen. The Greeks and Romans had learned from the East how to compose flowers and make garlands with artificial flowers. In China and India they used a technique, still in use today, to make silk or paper flowers.

From the Arab East the technique was imported to Venice where the Italians became very skilled in the art of the artificial flower.

In the Middle Ages the nuns began their own production in making artificial flowers to decorate churches. In this way they could also have beautiful colored flowers in winter as an internal decoration of the sacred structure.

Given their important use, there was a tacit rule among the nuns, to use only precious materials such as silk and metal for their realization.

Artificial flowers had their maximum splendor between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, especially in Italy and France where they became very popular art objects, so much so that they entered the Wunderkammer, with their own “artificialia” space.

The Wunderkammers were Renaissance collection rooms in which monarchs, princes, aristocrats, scientists and artists collected the most different objects trying to recreate in a room, all that could be of learning and knowledge by the human mind . Museums were born from this collecting.

Flowers made of silk, thin metal foil and parchment became small art objects for collectors. High quality artificial flowers.

They tried to overcome nature by creating something extraordinary, a challenge launched to mother nature, considered itself an art form.

The combination of art with nature produced objects with a disorienting effect so as to make the artificial indistinguishable from the natural.


As I explained to you, my silk flowers are made entirely by hand, without using already composed pieces available in the vast ocean of commerce e without using molds which are usually used to cut several layers of fabric, so as to obtain a large number of flowers of the same shape.

What I make are silk flowers that have various steps to be carried out before arriving at the finished creation. We start with the silk treatment which must be worked to be adapted to the cut of the flowers.

Once you have obtained the right consistency from the silk, we move on to realization of the petals . Which can vary according to the flower.

For example in a single peony we have 130 petals to cut, while for a poppy I’m only 4. But this does not mean that a flower with few petals can be easier to make, far from it. Flowers with many petals require a lot of patience, but then the final result is guaranteed. When a flower with a few petals such as poppy or the iris, there can be no margins for error because they would be seen even to an untrained eye. So in my opinion, a flower with few petals requires a lot of skill in knowing how to execute it perfectly, while a flower with many petals like the English rose requires patience with the possibility of being more successful in the final result.

But back to us, once the petals have been cut, comes the part that I prefer the most … give color to every single part. Primary colors begin to blend until you get the right color tone. Then the petals are modeled and then assembled.

As much as I have reduced the whole creation of a silk flower, in a few lines, you must believe me when I tell you that between one process and another, hours pass before you can proceed with the next one. Furthermore, it is essential that each step is done with skill, in order to obtain an excellent result from each of them.

My silk flowers are made with the ancient Japanese Somebana technique . This technique involves the silk treatment in order to make it workable. Then we move on to mixing of various color pigments , in order to obtain the desired shade. The silk is designed with the various patterns that are needed and then they are cut.

At this point, every single piece is colored and shaded and then worked with millinery tools , in order to give it vitality.

A technique that allows you to achieve flowers of a unique delicacy and beauty and gives the possibility to have customizations to each piece created.

The method I use does not include cutting dies but everything is expertly cut by hand . This guarantees in pieces with small differences , which in the assembly give greater naturalness to the finished creation. The first rule that mother nature teaches us is that perfection does not exist, following this rule that I can give life to my silk flowers.


silk hair accessories

Already in the Middle Ages, silk flowers were used as a decorative element in clothing and furnishings, but it was in the 16th century that they had a boom.

The women had heads adorned with meticulously crafted silk flowers and roses made from silk cord, a ribbon that was folded and turned into a flower shape.

In Europe, the Italians come into possession of this art first of all, obtaining brilliant results. The finest flowers, worked in Italy, came from Siena but the monopoly of production was held by Genoa in 1648.

Only later this art was brought by the Italians to France, where they began to produce flowers of a quality equal to the Italian one, thanks to Seguin in 1738.

The Chinese were Carthusian and incomparable florists, influencing the different techniques with feathers and feathers.

The art of the flower became a real profession when it reached the height of the 18th century in Paris with the definition of bouquetière.

Wigs, dresses and hats were rich in flowers in silk, leather, feathers and precious stones as even the jewelers were interested in the production of this art.

Later the art of the florists became so important that their factories could be considered real industries. At that time, Wenzel, Queen Marie Antoinette’s personal florist, stood out.

It was from Wenzel that the Count d’Artois commissioned a bouquet of white roses with the queen’s initials engraved on each petal. The result was so perfect that everyone was amazed. Wenzel himself also made the rose that the queen holds in her hand in the portrait of Madame Vigée Lebrun. A very useful choice for the painter as a real flower would have withered given the long shutter speeds.

fiori rosa in seta


Over the past few years, I’ve gotten to experience the silk to make flowers to be included in bridal bouquets . The result was amazing and mine today bouquet of silk flowers are among the most requested.

Consequently, due to the need to create a perfect coordinate, they cannot be missing buttons for men, brooches or bracelets for bridesmaids and clasps or crowns in silk for the bride.

All this achievable with a single material: silk. Wisely worked and modeled, it can give birth to unique creations that will enhance with detail and elegance, the garment but also the person who will wear them.

buouquet of silk flowers
buouquet of silk flowers
buouquet of silk flowers


As we have seen, silk flowers have very ancient origins and we saw them mentioned for the first time, in the Book of Kings of the Old Testament. Their maximum splendor was around 500 where in Italy they became very popular art objects. All this would seem incredible because then in our country, this art form has totally disappeared.

When I embarked on the path of silk flowers, I studied and learned through the Japanese Someban technique. In the meantime, I documented its origins and I was surprised to understand that Italy was the fulcrum of this art. And only after many years was she brought to France and learned with great difficulty. So much so that it is unable to replicate with the same craftsmanship as the Italians.

Bringing this ancient art back to light it is very exciting for me, especially when I was able to learn that all my thoughts on the construction of alternative flowers had already been developed by great minds of the time.

Today this technique is part of my artistic path and I want to make its ancient history known, but also by developing it through eco design . Once again, tradition and innovation unite in the path of Unusual Bouquet .


As I explained before, since this technique is not widely practiced in Italy, in order to learn it I had to work alongside the Japanese Somebana.

Not an easy undertaking since all the books are in Japanese, but I believe that when you have the desire to learn, you can learn with everything.

So don’t think I’m going to buy petals of silk flowers already pre-packaged or go and buy some parts already made because it is not so. I make everything done by hand . Do not you believe it?

So I’ll show you, because I want you to be aware of the great importance that a work of this kind can have, when you decide to buy it. It’s important understand the job behind it and the passion that gives birth to this composition.

While I was making the silk roses you see above, I was in a passage where I needed to paint silk … Using newspaper magazines to absorb the color, I realized I came across a page that looked like my slogan. The title was: “I transform the ordinary into the extraordinary” and it is precisely the concept that I would like you to understand in order to convey the importance of my works.

The fruit that comes from this care and dedication is for you who no longer want to invest your money in objects without a soul.

You want something that goes further and that makes you dream when you see him for the first time … that makes you say: “He is what I wanted! It’s wonderful!”

Every day I work to achieve this goal, GIVE YOU EMOTIONS and if that means studying 100 books in Japanese, so be it. Because there is nothing more gratifying for an artist than to give that thrill and that smile, when one of his works is contemplated.

silk flowers

For me Unusual Bouquet is not just a brand put online just for, but it is something that goes beyond and that I nurture every day to make it grow in the best way.



As you see, i silk flowers made with the somebana technique, they are refined and very delicate and by combining a particular design, an incredible result is obtained. Don’t forget that the material you see is silk. Perfectly suited for a bride like you who wants elegance and highly refined products.

For your wedding you want only the best and above all you will want to allocate your budget in an intelligent way, without waste.

Surely by choosing an Unusual bouquet with silk flowers, you will be able to embrace the philosophy of Unusual Bouquetwhich combines eco friendly with art.

An ethical choice, which gives you the opportunity to have a unique work created just for you and that represents you for your wedding. But most importantly, you will make an ecological choice because I know that you are very careful about your environment and undoubtedly you will have also chosen eco-sustainable favors.


The silk flowers I produce are made with silks taken from high fashion atelier scraps. This allows me to reuse valuable materials, which instead would be thrown away without having the opportunity to have a second cache.

Since the fashion sector is among the most impacting on the pollution of our planet, Unusual Bouquet tries to make its contribution by proposing a valid alternative by reusing fabric waste.

Furthermore, the Unusual Bouquet project plans to raise awareness in the wedding world, with a proposal that allows you to make an ethical choice combined with art.

By choosing alternative flowers you are choosing to contribute to the fight against cultivated cut flowers. Incredible as it may seem, even cut flowers contribute to polluting our planet.

The pollution caused by them occurs due to various components:

  • The use of pesticides and chemicals for cultivation
  • A great exploitation of water that starts from cultivation up to transport
  • Continuous Co2 emissions
  • Labor exploitation with infinite hours and low wages. Behind all that color is a black story.



Well friend, today you have known a new way to be able to give birth to yours bridal bouquetand not only that, you could also understand that behind an Unusual work there is a great emotion that we can build together.

Another thing I love is being able to help bridesand my years of experience in the wedding field allow me to do it. In this regard, I have created a series of articles for you that you can find in my area blog . Meanwhile, go and look at yourselfsome tips that will help you outline your look from bride, you will see that they will be very useful to you.

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