Stop to femicide: a flower to tell


Stop to femicide: a flower to tell

November 25 is the international day against violence against women. One day to be able to remember that the “STOP to femicide” is always! Thanks to the Prisma Art Center, my flowers participated in this great project, which involved different forms of art. Art that, as always, aims to raise awareness and in this case, fights indifference towards a problem that is still very present today.

Flowers to tell

Art has always been a form of expression that aims to leave a mark on human sentiment, bringing evolution and growth. A very ancient form that has been the subject of discussion and comparison several times. Today we see it used since Prisma Art Center in organization with the Municipality of Pontinia, on the day against women’s violence. A video has been made, which sees three artistic forms merged into it, which are transformed into communication, aiming at raising awareness of a theme that is still very recurrent today.


Dance, illustration and alternative flowers: they tell of how indifference fuels femicide, using metaphors through flowers.

Flowers, which we are used to admiring in their beauty and which often communicate serenity to us, but this time they are used to hide a cruel reality, which is too often ignored.

A woman doesn’t even touch a flower

I remember as a child, one day my mom told me : “Remember, a woman doesn’t even touch a flower”, a phrase he didn’t understand much at first, but it sounded so beautiful. I didn’t dare ask questions, because I knew it was one of those topics that didn’t have to go on, and be deepened with questions.

We used to communicate in this way, because some topics were taboo. To be able to leave the “lessons” of life you have your own children, you use already “done” sentences, but with a great moral behind.

To date when I showed this video to my daughter, where I had the honor of participating with my alternative flowers, I found myself in the same situation as my mother from many years ago. Clearly, children nowadays are much more awake and communication is much more open than before, so questions about what they had seen have been snowballing.

I found myself having to explain a very difficult topic … but my daughter listened with great interest and in the end she said to me:

“Mom, but why?”

I replied “Because a woman doesn’t even touch a flower”.

And she looked at me, making me understand that she had fully understood the meaning of those words.

Through art to raise awareness

The owners of the Prisma Art Center, Marina and Serena, two girls always looking for new talents in the area, organized this project by inserting me inside with my alternative flowers, together with the artist Read Illustration. Our arts have come together to send a message of awareness, which we hope will lead to understand that the STOP to femicide must take place every day.


Thank you very much girls, I am honored to have been part of this project.

I leave you to watch this video, because I believe, it expresses more than I can explain.


Does the video give you problems? Click here to be able to see it


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