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When starting the preparations for a marriage , one of the first steps is the choice of location . It is the biggest expense that the newlyweds or whoever they have to face and let's face it, it is also the first experience dealing with a supplier. As often happens, inexperience makes mistakes so let's see together some tips you can follow to choose the location for your wedding.
Autumn is a magical season, studded with warm and very bright colors and intense and lively scents. More and more choice by future spouses, as a period, to celebrate their wedding. It is a season that greatly affects the mood of the wedding, so much so that it has become a trend. So here are some ideas for an autumn wedding.
Today I present to you a collection of wedding dresses , which left me speechless and fully identifies my way of seeing the Unusual bride. I'm talking about the Vision line of the 2020 collection of Elisabetta Polignano .
There wedding cake is a very important symbol in the history of marriage . Its roots date back to ancient times and still today it is present in the wedding world in a very important way.
If you are looking for how to make a placeholder for your marriage ? This tutorial is just for you. Together, we make a magnificent crepe paper poppy that will decorate the place at the table of each of your guests.
Many have written to me to ask for advice on making a bridal bouquet. Thank you very much for your invaluable support and for the compliments on my work. Precisely for this reason I decided to create a tutorial, where it will explain the first step that must be taken to create a alternative bouquet .
Maria Grazia is a girl with a unique sensitivity. When he contacted me, we were on the phone a lot. I listened to everything about her marriage and she took all my advice regarding making hers bridal bouquet .
A bridal bouquet it's not just a simple one bouquet , but an important symbol of the marriage which can express various meanings depending on the flower arrangement created. What flowers to choose for the bridal bouquet? Let's try to do this using al language of flowers , so as to compose it reflecting our personality or giving a very specific message to our future spouse.
Reopened i weddings with phase 3, my phone started ringing as if it went crazy. Brides determined in wanting to fulfill their dream of love in 2020, they contacted me, even with a notice of 15 days from the date of the wedding. But not only that ... I was also contacted for gods bouquet birth is gift bouquet . What for me was supposed to be "1 year of zero work" suddenly turned into last minute orders and I'm really very happy about this. Miriam was a last minute bride ...