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When starting the preparations for a marriage , one of the first steps is the choice of location . It is the biggest expense that the newlyweds or whoever they have to face and let's face it, it is also the first experience dealing with a supplier. As often happens, inexperience makes mistakes so let's see together some tips you can follow to choose the location for your wedding.
Autumn is a magical season, studded with warm and very bright colors and intense and lively scents. More and more choice by future spouses, as a period, to celebrate their wedding. It is a season that greatly affects the mood of the wedding, so much so that it has become a trend. So here are some ideas for an autumn wedding.
This year many couples have decided to getting married in winter , especially a December. The decision was mainly the result of the need to postpone the wedding due to the covid-19 pandemic. Consequently, although everything had already been organized for the summer, the spouses will have to solve a few more small problems, such as finding beautiful flowers for the wedding in December , a period in which the choice is reduced. But also to organize in time for the Promise of marriage .