The bouquet for the promise of marriage

bridal bouquet

The bouquet for the promise of marriage

The bouquet for the promise of marriage it is a tradition that is slowly disappearing but which still persists especially in southern Italy.

Our nation has a very long history and there are many traditions that have been handed down to us from generation to generation. Some of these have been lost over the years, others are still respected as they once were. Others still resist only in some areas of Italy. One of these traditions concerns the Promise of marriage .

Did you know that it is customary for the groom to give his partner a bouquet created just for this occasion?

The tradition of the promise of marriage

Before joining in civil or religious marriage, every couple of future spouses must comply with the Promise of marriage . It’s one of the many things to do before the big day.

On this very special day, the future married couple will go and declare with their own common they intend to marry and will do so by filling out a specific form and signing it.

It’s nothing bureaucratic and it’s not even an appointment to share with all the wedding guests.

On this day, tradition has it that the Promise of marriage both then celebrated with a lunch offered by the groom’s parents, which will be attended not only by the spouses, but also by their respective witnesses and the couple’s parents.

Tradition always has it that the future spouse give your lady a bouquet for the promise of marriage to take with you that day.

The bouquet for tradition it should consist of only white flowers or only green flowers . We know white is the color of the bride, while green is chosen because it is synonymous with hope and luck for a new beginning.

How has the tradition changed over time?

There are fewer and fewer future spouses who still observe this tradition and today the bouquet for the promise of marriage can be given by any person or purchased by the bride herself.

However, many brides-to-be choose to move away from classic traditional colors and to choose more colorful and lively bouquets . Nothing to do with what tradition teaches us but certainly a decorative element that can be worn that day like auspicious wish .

How can you make the bouquet for the promise of marriage?

This bouquet can be made in a simple style, and is typically a decorative element that will then remain with the bride. There are those who want to keep it for life, but when it comes to fresh flowers you have the only choice of drying it with techniques that keep the composition in decent conditions over time (with all the consequences of the case: dust and inevitable break at the slightest contact).

Obviously (I’m biased, you know) my advice is to choose gods alternative bouquets for the promise of marriage, with handmade flowers using the most suitable materials according to the tastes and the flowers that you would like to include in the composition

For example, if we used fabric to make them, the result will be natural and we can keep ours bouquet of the promise of marriage in plain sight for life. Much better right?

In any case it is advisable to choose a small bouquet, only symbolic, since that day you will not wear the wedding dress but a simple elegant dress. And we leave the role of the protagonist to bridal bouquet real.


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