The colorful bride: Roberta

the bride

The colorful bride: Roberta

Roberta is a 2020 bride who got married on November 11th. When he contacted me to want to make his bouquet , he immediately specified one thing … he would have liked it colored! I thought it would be a big challenge since assembling so many colors is not an easy task. However, as you know by now, I love challenges especially those that make me grow professionally and so let’s go and see together how I managed.

The colorful bride all pinwheels and tied

Roberta’s passion are pinwheels and Lego, so listening to everything she had to tell me, I proposed a bouquet that had her beloved pinwheels and bricks inside that made the whole world go crazy. But there was also another request from the bride, she would have wanted so much buttons inside the dome of the bouquet.

the colored bride_

So I put it all in my mind blender and after a nice mix the idea exploded! By proposing it to Roberta, she was not able to imagine what I had in mind, and it is normal, especially when the elements to be joined are many and different from each other.

When I propose ideas to brides, I always have everything very clear but it is perfectly normal that they cannot imagine what my mental blender processes. Especially because they are always new and created ideas for each of them. So I present projects on paper so that I can show what the final result will be. And it was the same for this Unusual bride, who seeing the project immediately accepted with great enthusiasm.

rainbow wedding bride

She also wanted to make accessories for her niece, a headband and a bracelet, strictly coordinated with the bridal bouquet .

And here it is Roberta’s bouquet, colorful with pinwheel, legos and buttons. All his personality and his desires have been enclosed within a creation signed Unusual Bouquet.

So what do you weigh? Did I win the challenge?


Roberta gave me a great desire to live and I always imagined her with a smile. And seeing it in these photos it would seem that it is so.

the colorful bride

He has a very sensitive soul … he had proposed me to include gods in the bridal bouquet flowers true that his sister, a florist, would have included, but even if I always tend to want to please my brides, I had to refuse because of the great respect I have for my creations and in what I believe in: “marrying” art with ‘eco friendly. Roberta understood me and respected my artistic soul and my thoughts, deeply moving me.

bridal bouquet

And here it is too groom , also signed Unusual Bouquet with matching cufflinks and button panel.

wedding flowers

I am very happy to have met this unusual personality with a deep soul. Our telephone chats were divided between wedding preparations, advice on her wedding outfit and discussion on the fulfillment of her order … then we rambled and started talking about craft beers. Oh yes, because you must know that Roberta has a Pub in Sardinia in Iglesias and the lady has a great culture on craft beers … which I love.
wedding 2020

But back to the newlyweds … don’t you think this photo is very romantic? The touch of the hands conveys a great bond between the two.

wedding accessories


finally married

And finally get married! Despite 2020 and everything that revolved around it, this couple still decided to get married and crown their love. It may not have been quite what they had imagined, but I find that their eyes convey all the joy and satisfaction of this world.

colorful bouquets

Roberta was a great pleasure to be able to make yours Unusual bouquet bringing your joyful and smiling being into it.

Thank you for choosing me and for trusting me. The words you dedicated to me in the review I will always carry with me.

Thank you so much.


You Unusual brides with these reviews encourage and support me.

Guys I wish you a big good luck for the future,


Photo by Davide Atzei



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