The Fashion of Paper Flowers

paper flowers

The Fashion of Paper Flowers

Today I want to talk to you about the handmade fashion of the 21st century, which gave birth to a real sector of work. In English paper flowers, in Italian i paper flowers . At the end of the article you will also find a tutorial for making paper flowers and you can also download the flower template .

Contents of this article:

  1. Paper flowers, paper flowers: the handmade of the 21st century
  2. Paper flowers: the new fashion
  3. How to make paper flowers
  4. Paper Flowers Tutorial
  5. With the Unusual method it has never been easier
  6. Download the Flower Template


paper flowers

Paper flowers, paper flowers: the handmade of the 21st century

If in the 80s the Handmade it was a custom in homes, handed down from the post-war generation in order to save on monthly payments, today handmade is a real trend.

A very clear memory, linked to my childhood, is that of my mother bent over a table to sew a dress ceremony . Whenever my family and I were invited to a marriage , my mother sewed the dress for her and me. We went together to buy the paper pattern magazine “Burda” and then once we had chosen the model to make, we went to buy the fabric. In the mid-90s, mass marketing at a good price increasingly took hold, making all handmade products disappear.


In the 21st century, driven by the economic crisis and the great awareness of the environment, the desire to “reinvent oneself” (Italian specialty) has grown, bringing with it the rebirth of craftsmanship. The handmade has taken off again, making the sector grow paper flowers , called in America “paper flowers” (at the end of the article, in addition to the videos, you will find a tutorial on how to make paper flowers ).

paper flowers

Paper flowers the new fashion

The boom was so big that it hit big people fashion brands. So we have seen use giant paper flowers as a background in photo shoots or floral creations used to advertise perfumes or make-up, of famous brands. In the wedding world, the fashion of bridal bouquet and of buttons , completely made of paper.

Also important e-commerce like Zalando , they have often based their advertising campaigns using paper flowers. In newspapers such as Vogue you can see real creations of couture clothes with paper flowers.

This great interest gave birth to tutorials on youtube, of professionals who help to learn what today we can consider an art.

A world open to creativity that sees me present, with my brand Unusual Bouquet , as one of the first in Italy to have ventured into this beautiful world, realizing paper flowers and with other recycled materials. My intent has always been to bring innovation and great originality, while maintaining the line of the green.


How to make paper flowers

If you’ve landed on this page, you most likely want to know how to make paper flowers . And then I advise you to continue reading why I’m about to reveal some tricks that I use for my signed compositions Unusual Bouquet , the ones I use to compose mine too wedding bouquet of paper flowers .

Obviously it will be a first step, but if you decide to follow my youtube channel , you will find out how to make tulips, orchids, poppies, roses and others paper flowers , as well as buttons for the groom’s suit.



Paper Flowers Tutorial

In this tutorial we will see how to create a beautiful in just a few steps crepe paper poppy with the Unusual method. If you are close to the wedding and you are in the midst of preparations, then this tutorial is for you. You can use this poppy as a place card, your guests will be amazed. If, on the other hand, you are a hobbyist who wants to embellish her centerpiece, have fun creating 5 paper flowers. Placing them in a beautiful vase, they will make you look great with your guests.


Create a poppy in crepe paper it’s very simple with the Unusual method. Download the template that you can find below this article and start cutting out the shapes you will need to make the petals.
With della crepe paper from 160 gr red start cutting 2 small petals and 2 large petals. Remember to cut the paper with the grain vertically.
Then, with the help of your thumbs, crease each single petal, open it and give it a hollow shape in the center, using the vertical grain of the paper.

paper flowers

Get a black marker and color only the tip of each petal, creating wedges. And now comes the hardest part.

How is the poppy plant created?


With the Unusual method it has never been easier

Using a simple button. Unusual method, simple and effective.

Get a green button, and glue on its base of black pistils trying to get them out externally.

handmade flowers

We use a large amount of pistils so as to be able to recreate a central equal to the real one.


Once the center has been created, let’s glue the smaller petals first and then the larger ones.


Now with some floral wire, let’s attach it to the base of the flower and cover it with some florist tape.


And here is your crepe paper flower is now ready. As you can see with a few simple steps, you too can create a beautiful flower, equal to life. Using recycled materials and with the Unusual method your creations will be beautiful.

crepe paper flowers

Follow my video tutorial and remember that too “YOU CAN” create beautiful paper flowers, with Unusual Bouquet video tutorial . It’s simple, eco-friendly and fun.

Where to find the materials:

• 180gr red crepe paper: Amazon

• Florist tape: Amazon

• Floral thread: Amazon

• Black Marker Stroke: Amazon

• Black pistils: Amazon

If you need paper flowers for your event, please contact me!

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