The trends for weddings 2021

weddings 2021 paper flowers

The trends for weddings 2021

THE weddings of 2021 they will partly follow the trends imparted for the current year, but we will try to give particular attention to nature and we will have a great eye for the environment.

Minimal Wedding for 2021

The main style for 2021 is represented by the minimal wedding to have a modern but sober wedding. Of course, the term minimalism should not be understood as something mean; each choice will in fact be specially designed to design an elegant and refined but never banal setting.

The flowers of weddings 2021

The colors protagonists in next year’s celebrations see the combination of White and more intense shades. However, the floral aspect will be the winning part as it will be the flowers that will help to create unique and innovative compositions. They will especially prefer paper flowers finely crafted, to obtain an elegant but at the same time eco result.

The Look of the Spouses

The bride and groom’s look will also follow the main style, which will have to be complete but essential. The clothes must not be too fluffy and excessively fluffy, the make-up must be light and the hair can be collected in special hairstyles.

A very popular trend in recent years is also the natural wedding or a wedding in which the style is not conventional but is definitely more defined trendy is romantic.

With this possibility, the protagonists will be able to opt for their settings in different colors such as blue, orange, yellow and purple both in the coldest periods such as winter, and in summer.

Eco friendly weddings


L’ eco-friendly wedding instead it is another particular trend used by all those spouses who pay a lot of attention to the environment. In this case the wedding will tend to have a refined but informal aspect.

The main colors will be represented by the shades that recall the earth, such as green, brown and white. In this case the bride and groom’s clothes will be totally natural with silk or cotton fabrics.

The green wedding they prefer zero environmental impact and for this it will be very important to decide with absolute coherence i wedding flowers . They are preferred to the centerpiece jars and / or compositions by paper flowers . The bridal bouquet itself must be eco-friendly, also opting for paper flowers or other recyclable materials. A firm no to cut flowers!

Glamor Wedding

A timeless must is finally proposed by glamor wedding . It is the fusion of classic and baroque style, particularly loved by all those couples who want to celebrate a real sumptuous wedding.

The protagonists will thus be the decorative elements that combined with other details will make the whole created very special.
THE flowers also there will be and will be preferred flowery chandeliers, dropped and huge floral compositions made with paper.

THE colors favorites in this case are delicate shades such as pastel shades combined with gold, crystal and white. For entertainment you will not have to give up the classic background music and soft music that during the evening will turn into disco music.

The setting follows it princely style and for this reason the most suitable places are ancient villas, period castles, and famous historic houses illuminated by precious design objects to make the day even more magical.

Wedding Trends. Each year has its own

Trends for weddings as well as for fashion tend to evolve and change every year, mostly influenced by time and society. Being updated on the latest ideas and on all the various mechanisms related to marriage allows you to have more points of inspiration to define your own style in a clear and precise way.

Floral wedding paper creations


Among the original creations as regards the bride’s bouquet and decorations (centerpieces and various decorations), paper is the material chosen by eco-friendly stylists.

From cascading bouquets to simpler ones you can find unique and original creations made with different techniques. In fact, to the realization of the classic flower, we also pass to the weaving technique, thanks to which authentic works of art are born with a sure wow effect.


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