The wedding cake: history and tradition

The wedding cake: history and tradition

There wedding cake is a very important symbol in the history of marriage . Its roots date back to ancient times and still today it is present in the wedding world in a very important way.

The story of the wedding cake

Few people know that it has an ancient history since the Middle Ages, when the wedding guests brought as a gift to spouses small sweets or cookies. These were superimposed on each other thus forming the cake. The higher the mountain created by these sweets, the higher was the number of people close to the newlyweds.

Later you start to have the white cover, as a symbol of the bride’s purity. But there was also a second meaning, the well-being of the family. In ancient times, sugar to make icing was very expensive, so those who could afford this luxury were only wealthy families.

The wedding cake today

From medieval times to today, the wedding cake has changed shapes, colors and structures. And if until the 80s we were used to seeing her dressed in cream and icing, today she is wedding cake She gets undressed! American fashions have greatly influenced the tradition of Italian wedding , so much so that in recent years we see alternative bouquets , photo booth is rock fashions , take over, so much so as to change even the classic wedding cake. We first saw the landing cupcake cake , with sugar icing and super artistic decorations and today we see entering the scene of cake cutting , the Naked Cake .

From the perfection of each layer of a wedding cake, we go through layers of visible chantilly cream. Even better if it comes out of the layers or is put in a messy way. The sponge cake must be visible and the finishes are composed of fresh fruit, natural elements or paper flowers . And instead of the statuettes with the newlyweds, what do we find at the top? A cake topper handmade wood, with the initials of the couple and written in the name of love.

In short, fashions change and more and more interest in excess is being lost and attention to the ecological and to everything that is the natural world is growing. Who knows if one day we will see again composing the wedding cake with the sweets donated by the guests 🙂


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