Throwing Bouquet: Why choose it, why give it up

throwing bouquet

Throwing Bouquet: Why choose it, why give it up

One of the most traditional moments of a wedding is that of launch of bridal bouquet . It is a “ritual” that is constantly repeated in every ceremony and which represents a kind of good luck for women who are not married. Whoever manages to grab the bouquet will soon get married.

The moment of throwing the bouquet

Almost at the end of the ceremony, the traditional is repeated at every wedding throwing the bouquet . The bride turns her back to the invited women (single or engaged but not yet married) and throws back her bouquet of flowers.

As mentioned above, the woman who manages to win the competition to grab it will either be the next to get married, or will soon receive a marriage proposal.

However, almost no one believes in the fate that through a gesture regulates luck, and so the throwing of the bouquet becomes a simple “ritual” to add further fun to the wedding day.


Not all brides throw the bouquet

To the vast majority of brides who throw the bouquet, there are others who prefer give up this tradition for several reasons.

Some brides unfortunately, they have lost one or both of their parents and here the bouquet becomes something to share with them that they have not been able to attend the wedding. So we prefer to bring it intact to the cemetery.

Others have a strong religious devotion and prefer give your bouquet to Our Lady or a particular Saint.

Still others would like keep it as a souvenir .

In short, good reasons for give up throwing the bouquet if they are found.

But if, despite these, you reluctantly give up, the solution there is: use a second bouquet , made especially for the launch.

Front view of the Throwing Bouquet

Throwing Bouquet

Why choose a throwing bouquet

They are called “ throwing bouquet “and they are the kind of compositions made especially for the purpose.

Almost always simple compositions are chosen that do not cost much.

They are usually used fake flower throwing bouquet , in such a way that the lucky one who collects it, will be able to keep it forever in memory of this beautiful day.

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