To each bride her own bouquet


To each bride her own bouquet

The marriage it has always been one of the most significant moments of our life, during which everything must be done to perfection so that it becomes the perfect day. There choice of bouquet it thus becomes a real ritual for which small important precautions must be followed.

The Bridal Bouquet, a personal choice

The brides they are well aware of the whole context and even more so the bouquet it represents an object that enhances and highlights the beauty of the bride, and above all expresses all her personality and taste.

And yes, because the choice is not limited only to the model and the size of the composition. Nowadays fashion has spread the habit of using very whimsical colors and flashy combinations, so much so that the bouquet becomes a fundamental accessory of the bride’s dress; a precious and indispensable ornament, something that is trendy and that has the obligation to amaze the guests!

Which bouquet for the wedding?

Surely the most requested, a timeless classic that is always successful, is the round bouquet classic mood. A choice that reflects a calm personality, simple and at the same time refined tastes. Roses make it even more delicate and suitable for the beauty of the bride.

For more determined and strong personalities, the choice generally falls on cascading bouquet . The bride becomes the real protagonist as she adapts to a fairly voluminous dress with a long hairstyle and that recalls the design of the bouquet, rich, majestic and splendid.

Roses, calla lilies, lilies, orchids are the protagonists of the teardrop bouquet . An alternative and a middle ground between the above. It is generally worn by not very tall brides who want to be daring but not out of tune! A gem that makes the protagonist of the wedding feel important.

For those who love sobriety and simplicity in elegance, they certainly choose the style of bouquet one flower , that is, in single flower. It is an alternative that also allows it to be versatile in combining both with the bride’s dress and with the various decorations of the ceremony in the church and in the hall.

It has become a very frequent habit on bracelet bouquet or wrist. A kind of jewel made of wonderful flowers that make the bride who will wear it with practicality even more graceful, given the small size. An evocative and particularly extraordinary accessory.

Then there are those who choose originality in a type of bouquet different from the classic type with flowers. Feathers and ribbons with colorful colors they decorate this innovative bouquet that is carried on the arm by the bride who shows her particular personality, different from the classic floral canons.

Finally, in many weddings it is possible to see the bride carrying a bouquet made of the same type of flower. A bunch of calla lilies, for example, express beyond beauty, its purity and a radiant life. Or even better, delicate white roses that symbolize the whiteness of the woman.

For the mono-type bouquet the choice is very varied and will be based more on the meaning of the flowers. Those who have a very refined taste prefer to exhibit a very delicate bouquet of orchids, exotic and delicate flowers; while those who prefer to express love and passion will use a beautiful bouquet of tulips

On this happy wedding day, where everything must be perfect, with attention to the smallest details, we certainly cannot give little importance to choice of flowers for the wedding and the meaning they have. If in this joyful celebration, some fantastic bouquets frame the wonderful picture of a life together, that’s it!

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