Trendy Alternative Bouquets


Trendy Alternative Bouquets

All of us as children have played at the princesses . All it took was a touch of lipstick taken from Mom and some fake jewels to wear. And the stereotype of the Disney princess has accompanied us until adolescence. Then the change took place in us and each one adopted its own style: classic or alternative.

The Classic and the Alternative

Each of us has a well-defined lifestyle and tastes. For example, there are those who love tattoos, those who love to dress elegantly, those who love sports, those who pursue a position of prestige, etc.

On one thing, however, everything seems to conform: marriage.

Marriage has its own cliche well defined: white dress, elegant invitations, classic flower bouquet, favors and ceremony in the trendy style of the moment.

It almost seems that whatever the personality, tastes and way of being of each of us, in front of the wedding everything suddenly disappears and we go back to being those little girls who played at princesses .

The reasons? Often they are attributable to the fear of not being liked.

  • parents don’t like it
  • do not please the groom
  • not like friends and relatives
  • fear of being criticized for their choices

In short, our whole being unique is suffocated on the day of yes, due to the fear of daring.

My alternative brides

I know how you feel about this situation because it is the same one that mine have tried (and won) alternative brides , those who have chosen mine bridal bouquet . But I guarantee you that it is only an unjustified fear because then, to the test of the facts, mine alternative bouquets they have been one of the most cherished things in any wedding.

My bouquet accompanied to the altar “metal” brides, “rocking” brides, “princess” brides, brides who love “Lego”, fanatical “Star Wars” brides, brides with an indisputable (and enviable) “country” lifestyle and many others with different passions and ways of being.

Here are some models. And if you need some ideas on how to compose them, read which ones “ wedding flowers “insert in the bridal bouquet.

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