Trendy Alternative Bridal Bouquets

Trendy wedding bouquet

Trendy Alternative Bridal Bouquets

Over the years there have been many trends that have crossed the wedding fashion, sometimes creating real upheavals. One of these concerns the choice of bouquet since over the years it has seen a real evolution of genre and style (while still remaining a must have).

Alternative Bouquets: a trendy choice

More and more brides are choosing to opt for one alternative bouquet , which represents them in the best way, putting aside the classic fresh flowers.

The reason is simple: a bridal bouquet of hand made fake flowers has more chances than customization and is able to represent the bride, her personality and her feeling in an unparalleled way .

If we then make it a fact of harmony between bouquet and wedding dress , the comparison is even more merciless. THE alternative wedding bouquets they become particular and original bouquets to the point that they can be designed and created by recreating flowers of any color, as well as embellished with a variety of impressive materials.

More and more brides are now turning on bouquet of flowers alternative , also thanks to the continuous search for uniqueness in all the things that see us as protagonists. Among the most favorite and requested bridal bouquets by my brides we find:

Paper bouquet

wedding paper bouquet

The bouquet made with paper flowers can be extremely customizable both as regards the colors and the type of paper. With careful care in the choice of materials, aimed at always aiming for fine products that make the final result impeccable. The paper bouquet lends itself to be completed with jewelry, ribbons, buttons and other materials in a very flexible way.

Bouquet of Buttons

Jewel Button Bouquet 01

This type of bouquet, in its pure form, sees the total absence of flowers, which are reproduced with a careful selection of buttons. The Bouquet buttons it is perfect for an original bride who wants to impress. The only limitation would be to avoid launching the bouquet at the end of the evening. But you can make up for it by having a special one created throwing bouquet .

Jewel Bouquet

jewel bouquet

The jewel bouquet is without a doubt suitable for one bride who does not want to go unnoticed and who on her wedding day wants to shine through and through. Usually this type of bouquet is made with handmade flowers but with an extremely realistic effect and embellished with different jewels, consisting mainly of Swaroski, precious stones and glitter.

Fabric Bouquet

cloth bouquet


This type of bouquet allows you to create something really special, being able to choose from a great variety of colors and fabrics. The fabric allows you to perfectly reproduce any type of flower, thus creating real works of art that can last forever and satisfy the taste of every bride. In addition, flowers made with any type of fabric are very resistant and easy to handle. The cloth bouquet it is also very light and comfortable to carry.

Metal Bouquet

copper metal bouquet

Surely this bouquet is perfect for an essential wedding, as well as for a bride with a strong character and an “alternative” nature. To accomplish the metal bouquet , a composition a little out of the box but really very chic, you can use all those malleable and workable metals, such as copper. The result will be a unique fashion accessory ideal for an elegant and original bride. As mentioned, among the most used metals there is copper, a material that allows you to obtain shiny sheets that recreate the petals of a flower in an extremely realistic way.

Bouquet of Pearls


The Bouquet of pearls it can be considered a variant of the jewel bouquet. Pearls are known to be synonymous with elegance and refinement and making a bouquet with these small precious stones will immediately give that extra touch to the whole. Particularly suitable for a wedding in winter, as thanks to their shape, pearls can easily look like small ice crystals.

Lego bouquet



The Lego bouquet it’s my invention. I was the first to design and make it in Italy, but I also believe in the world. It is a bridal bouquet made with the famous Lego bricks. If you are a fan of this genre, I am sure that we will be able to create something special for you too.

Inspired Bouquet

Far from having finished the types of bridal bouquets that can be made with alternative flowers, many brides ask me to make them a themed bouquets with their TV series favorite or with theirs fictional character they are most fond of (a superhero, agent 007, etc.). For these brides the only real alternative to real flowers are the hand made fake flowers to compose the bouquet inspired by their favorite characters. This is the case with mine “Star Wars” bouquet , the “Cat Woman” bouquet and others that I cannot publish at the explicit request of the brides.

However, whatever the choice, it must always be remembered that as well as the dress, the bouquet must also represent the bride in all respects and therefore be able to best represent her personality on her wedding day.


Have you found inspiration for your Wedding Bouquet? So I invite you to look at all my latest compositions

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