Tutorial: 5 things to consider for a bridal bouquet

bridal bouquet

Tutorial: 5 things to consider for a bridal bouquet

Many have written to me to ask for advice on making a bridal bouquet. Thank you very much for your invaluable support and for the compliments on my work. Precisely for this reason I decided to create a tutorial, where it will explain the first step that must be taken to create a alternative bouquet .

The bridal bouquet: how to know the bride’s tastes

In order to achieve the bridal bouquet of dreams, you need to know the bride and understand how to materialize his desires in a creation. What are the aspects that can help us start off on the right foot in the creation of a “made to measure” bouquet? How can we understand which path to take to create the bouquet that our client would like?


All this is contained in this tutorial, created to help you better face your creative journey.

A flower for a bridal bouquet

You can also find how to make the flower, which I used in the bridal bouquet you see in the video tutorial.

bridal bouquetcreate a bouquet

As you can see, simplicity does not always equate to ease of implementation. Indeed, very often simple things are the most difficult, but with a guide you can learn the secret of success.

You can too!

Create a fantastic bridal bouquet yourself, following my video tutorials and if you are a bride following my channel, take advantage of useful inspirations for your wedding.

Do not hesitate to contact me by writing me in the comments below video .
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Where to find the materials:

• Floral album for scrapbooking: Amazon

• Bazzil red card: Amazon

• Hot glue: Amazon

• Quilling pen: Amazon


If you need paper creations for your event, contact me!

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