Tutorial: Crepe paper pinecone

crepe paper

Tutorial: Crepe paper pinecone

Christmas is upon us and Unusual Bouquet also wants to contribute to your Christmas “chores” by offering you a tutorial that will surely be useful to you. But this video is for you too bride , that you have chosen the winter period to get married.

Crepe paper pinecone: how to make it.

Perfect, for anyone who enjoys a create with crepe paper and wants to give its mark you have your own objects of the house, perhaps for the decoration of the tree Christmas.

Perfect, for a bridal bouquet and to be able to create a real coordinated.

With simple steps, you can create that detail you need to complete your Christmas creation.

Using easily available materials, thanks to all the useful links that you can find under this article, you will have fun creating pinecones in crepe paper by comfortably following the video tutorial from home.

The final effect is true and I bet everyone will ask you if your composition is made of real or fake elements.

The easy tutorial for you

A tutorial which will help you develop your dexterity and better understand a splendid material, the crepe paper .

Make a beautiful composition using the previous tutorials, assemble and then take a nice photo! Remember to send it to me, I will be delighted to receive it 🙂

Remember that you too!

You too can create beautiful compositions by following the Unusual Bouquet tutorials! Subscribe to the channel and click LIKE the video, so you can help me give more and more tutorials to all those who, like you, want to learn. Do not hesitate to contact me by writing me in the comments below video .
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Where to find the materials:

• Brown crepe paper: Amazon

• Pan Pastel Colors: Amazon

• Hot glue: Amazon

• Colored chalks: Amazon


If you need paper creations for your event, contact me!

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