Tutorial Peony in crepla rubber

Tutorial Peony in crepla rubber

The peony tutorial has as its main material the cream rubber. Velvety and resistant to the touch, with heat it tends to expand and is easily workable. For those who are not very practical in handling this material, on the market they sell molds to make flowers.

There are also different kits , with everything you need inside to create a floral composition. It is a material that can be painted with tempera or blended with chalks. On the market it can be found in various colors and thicknesses but for the realization of the flowers, you need a crepla rubber with a thickness of 0.8 mm.


Peony tutorial

The peony is a plant that gives rise to these elegant and very delicate flowers. In recent years, they have made their way into the hearts of brides , so much to beat the podium, in the choice of the bouquet, with the rose. Today we will see how to do it there peony , using the foam rubber.

Thanks to peony tutorial that I made for you, you can see how I make peonies, which I use for mine bridal bouquet .

Construction equipment

Often in every home, you can find very good equipment, which can be used, for the realization of our creations.

In this case I used a light bulb, which as you will see in the peony video tutorial, was useful for me to give the right depth to the external petals of the flower.


A second household tool that is used in this video is the iron, excellent, to be able to heat the foam and

make it manipulable.

You don’t always need to have professional equipment to have excellent results 😉

The peony in crepla rubber

I am sure that with the peony tutorial in crepe rubber, you will be fine and if you have any difficulties, do not hesitate to contact me

writing me in the comments under the video .

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And remember, I started like you 🙂 You too can make beautiful creations with Unusual Bouquet tutorials 🙂

Where to find the materials:

• Rubber crepe: Amazon

• Florist tape: Amazon

• School paints: Amazon

• Soft pastels: Amazon



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