Unusual Bouquet in the Michelangelo Foundation’s Homo Faber guide


Unusual Bouquet in the Michelangelo Foundation’s Homo Faber guide

With great honor I announce that I have joined the guide Homo Faber of the Michelangelo Foundation . A great milestone achieved, with handmade flowers.

The Michelangelo Foundation

The Michelangelo Foundation is an international non-profit organization, which celebrates and preserves the craftsmanship and strengthens its link with the world of design.
Their purpose is to help people rediscover the human hand’s ability to create and support color that do it best: the outstanding European, contemporary master craftsmen who use long-standing traditions, skills and knowledge to make beautiful objects of lasting value. .
The name Michelangelo is taken as a point of reference, precisely because he was a visionary artist and master craftsman who embodied both creativity and craftsmanship at the highest levels of excellence.

The Homo Faber guide

The foundation has created a digital guide, Homo Faber Guide , which allows you to discover artisans, factories, museums, galleries and experiences related to the world of European craftsmanship.
The project recommends, evaluates and promotes the subjects presented in the guide.
Home Faber offers the best of the artistic crafts of Europe, being able to discover them through their website or by downloading their application. A great opportunity to experience excellence through the best master craftsmen, new talents, art galleries, museums, factories and ateliers from all over the continent.
where it gathers all the greatest European artisans. Through their website or their application, Homo Faber Guide, with a few clicks you can find the closest craftsman and learn about his creations.
With the precious contribution of Cologni Foundation of the Masters of Art , this precious tool will take you directly into the excellence of each atelier of great artisans.
A great opportunity, which saw me be present in the guide with the qualification of Master Craftsman.


The bouquets of Unusual Bouquet

A goal achieved by moving forward with great determination, carrying out my project Unusual Bouquet , believing that you can achieve a beautiful bridal bouquet , renouncing the flowers severed and also used waste material.


And all this achievable through the learning of ancient techniques such as Somebana or the processing of crepe paper he was born in fommy .

Messy Bouquet

What is hidden behind a bouquet of real flowers?

By now we know well that the flowers you buy are not ecological. And behind all that beautiful color there is a great exploitation of life in all its forms. If you want to know more, I invite you to read this article I created to inform yourself what’s behind the flowers. You are a very sensitive person, I’m sure it will be of interest to you.


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