Unusual brides

Brides who are looking for a alternative bouquet , they look for the idea, which can satisfy their requests to insert details related to important moments in their life.
Maria Grazia is a girl with a unique sensitivity. When he contacted me, we were on the phone a lot. I listened to everything about her marriage and she took all my advice regarding making hers bridal bouquet .
Reopened i weddings with phase 3, my phone started ringing as if it went crazy. Brides determined in wanting to fulfill their dream of love in 2020, they contacted me, even with a notice of 15 days from the date of the wedding. But not only that ... I was also contacted for gods bouquet birth is gift bouquet . What for me was supposed to be "1 year of zero work" suddenly turned into last minute orders and I'm really very happy about this. Miriam was a last minute bride ...
Roberta is a 2020 bride who got married on November 11th. When he contacted me to want to make his bouquet , he immediately specified one thing ... he would have liked it colored! I thought it would be a big challenge since assembling so many colors is not an easy task. However, as you know by now, I love challenges especially those that make me grow professionally and so let's go and see together how I managed.