Valentina and her blue roses

Valentina and her blue roses

Brides who are looking for a alternative bouquet , they look for the idea, which can satisfy their requests to insert details related to important moments in their life.

Whether it is the song of the newlyweds or the text of a poem that binds the couple, these are moments that you want to bring into marriage through the bridal bouquet . And it is precisely for this reason that in the end the bouquet becomes an accessory that represents the bride.

Wedding photographer: Ivan fois

Atelier: Idea brides Turin

Mua: Vale the rock

The bouquet with blue roses

When Valentina contacted me she specified that she wanted a bouquet with some at all costs blue roses . The blue rose is a memory linked to her mother, so to be able to feel her close on her big day, she decided to include it in her bouquet in electric blue and white.

The groom and the bride

Valentina and Luigi are a beautiful couple, very close-knit, I was able to compare myself with both the bride and the groom. Oh yes, because Luigi wanted to contact me personally to be able to design the button panel . More and more often, I happen to be confronted with it groom for information on how to design his wedding accessory . Now the groom’s button panel it has become an unmissable option and that is why it must be personal.

And here is the bouquet made for Valentina, with blue roses and white in satin and bijoux rhinestones.

Long live the newlyweds … more in love than ever!

Beautiful on their big day. It is always a great pleasure to see such close-knit couples and these photos express a lot of feeling.

Guys it was a great pleasure to meet you. I wish you well!

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