VIP Brides Bouquet: Belen Rodriguez’s Bouquet

bouquet-of-bride-Belen Rodriguez

VIP Brides Bouquet: Belen Rodriguez’s Bouquet

Let’s talk about Belen Rodriguez the Argentine show girl most loved by Italians. Let’s talk about her again because as many of you know in 2013 she married the famous dancer and conductor Stefano De Martino.

From their love they had a son named Santiago, who was present at the wedding as a pageboy of 2013. As we all know there was a fairly dramatic break between the two that saw the couple permanently separate for a long time starting in 2015.

During this long period of distance, Belen was associated with several known characters, but the only one confirmed and with whom she had a relationship in the spotlight was the motorcyclist Andrea Iannone. Their story, however, did not last as it was thought, in fact, it ended and later there was a crazy rapprochement between De Martino and Rodriguez.

This rapprochement has led the two to get back together and by now they are back in a stable relationship for several months. So stable that there are rumors about the possibility of a second marriage in sight.

The news has not yet been confirmed but in the meantime we are going to remember how it was the very first marriage of the couple and above all the bridal bouquet .

Belen and Stefano get married on 20 September 2013 and it was one of the most followed weddings in Italy. In fact, the couple did not choose any censorship on the news and chose to entrust the exclusivity to the magazine “Chi” thus leaving all fans to have any news of the organization and the wedding itself.

That day Belen chose to wear a wedding dress made by Lady Gaga’s stylist, rumored to be one of the most expensive dresses ever, the figure would amount to around 100 thousand euros. A wonderful dress and very different from the canonical wedding dresses so many transparencies and large necklines that leave little to the imagination, for this reason it was criticized by many not considering it suitable for the ceremony, but basically the dress does nothing but respect the sensual personality and beautiful of Rodriguez.

To accompany the dress was chosen a bridal bouquet very classic, made mainly with precious white flowers . A beautiful cascading bouquet which perfectly echoed the floral arrangement chosen for the location in white roses .

Nobody complained about her bridal bouquet which turned out to be refined and classy but also moderate and elegant at the same time. The bride decided not to opt for the throwing the bouquet and to give it directly to her sister, Cecilia Rodriguez, as a wish for a bright future.

The wedding we said was one of the most loved ever and now all the fans of the couple are waiting to find out if there will really be a second marriage between the two, we hopefully await a possible confirmation.

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