VIP Brides Bouquet: Chiara Ferragni’s Bouquet

bridal bouquet chiara ferragni

VIP Brides Bouquet: Chiara Ferragni’s Bouquet

The most talked about and popular wedding of 2018 was the one between the digital entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni and the rapper Fedez. It has been talked about everywhere. We are interested in talking about yours bridal bouquet and then let’s go immediately to find out how it was composed.

The Ferragni-Fedez Wedding

In 2018 in Italy the most popular wedding of the year it was certainly the one between the famous digital influencer Chiara Ferragni and the popular Italian rapper Fedez (Federico Lucia). Theirs was immediately a love story in the spotlight and everything has always been told openly on social media.

It was like that for the big day too. Every single guest, and even the newlyweds, did nothing but post photos and videos who reported the event live.

Theirs was a marriage much criticized because of the great pomp and big celebrations that some seemed a bit excessive. Personally, I think that if you have the opportunity to be able to celebrate in this way, plus it’s the way we like best, why not do it?

It must be said, however, that this couple has been chatted, even with a hint of perfidy, since the beginning. In fact, many have done nothing but criticize every single post the two newlyweds. From the very beginning, the rumors that circulated around the couple was that it was just a fake relationship created specifically for marketing and audience. To deny all this came the birth of the little Lion, the firstborn of the gods Ferragnez and later then the marriage between the two.

We leave the criticism to others, and we focus more on tangible things. If you are among those who followed the wedding you will know for sure that the ceremony took place in Sicily, precisely in Noto, the heart of Baroque Sicily. The location was beautiful and the celebrations were amazing.

The choices of the spouses

Definitely note the wedding dress wonderful chosen by Chiara Ferragni, indeed the clothes (Why were 2 ). Both were two Dior creations designed specifically for the bride’s body.

The first , chosen for the ceremony, featured a high-neck lace bodice accompanied by a full-bodied tulle skirt with different slits; beautiful and romantic. For the ceremony there was then a change of clothes.

The second model worn it was much more particular … In fact, he carried the verses of the song by Fedez with which he asked Ferragni to marry him during the concert at the Verona Arena. Thanks to Dior’s infinite class, a wonderful and certainly very original creation came out of it.

To accompany the dress there were then the details and among the most important we can only mention hers bridal bouquet . This time Chiara Ferragni chooses not to dare and focuses on a classic and very simple bouquet composed mainly of white field flowers .

The bouquet is round and the predominant colors were the green stems and obviously the white flowers .

Nothing excessive, but even here there were those who had to criticize, calling it an anonymous bouquet. In reality, the choice was more than justified. The dress, although unusual because it has a lot of transparencies, was still simple and romantic and even the bouquet chosen for the bride followed this style.

It is not the first bouquet so simple that was made for some VIPs, another woman who showed off such a calm bridal bouquet was Meghan Markle , Duchess of Sussex but we will talk about her in another article.

Given the simplicity of the wedding bouquet chosen by Chiara Ferragni it is possible to replicate it very simply, just remember simplicity and a touch of refinement as the fundamental ingredients in choosing the right flower to insert.


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