VIP brides bouquet: do you remember Melissa Satta’s bouquet?

wedding bouquet melissa satta

VIP brides bouquet: do you remember Melissa Satta’s bouquet?

Every bride would like her bouquet of flowers to be the most beautiful. But in keeping with the saying, “what is beautiful is not beautiful, but what one likes is beautiful”, it is very personal. A typical case was the bridal bouquet of Melissa Satta , who chose a round and very large composition, consisting of roses, lisianthus and peonies and which has raised a lot of criticism. But she liked it. And that’s enough.

The Bouquet of Melissa Satta

Melissa Satta got married in 2016 with the footballer Kevin Prince Boateng , exactly on June 26th. Their story then evolved with a brief separation reported by the media, only to get back together again in 2019.

After this little hat, which has little to do with the topic of this article, let’s move on to the element criticized by many of his marriage: the bridal bouquet .

Who chose his Bouquet?

The bridal bouquet is tradition whether it is the future bridegroom or the future mother-in-law to choose it, make it and buy it and then give it to the bride as a last gift before the wedding.

However, looking at the entire set-up that was chosen for Melissa Satta’s ceremony, we can certainly understand that the choice was not causal, on the contrary … everything was well organized so that the setting of the entire room would match the bouquet brought from the bride.

The characteristic shape of the bouquet by Melissa Satta did a lot of discussion, but not because of the choice of flowers or the choice of a total white bouquet, but because of hers unusual size respect to classic bridal bouquets .

Criticisms have flocked to this detail so important for the bride. Just to name a few “For me it’s a big NO”, or “extremely exaggerated”. On the contrary, there are those who have heard to praise Satta’s choice and you can read it in the many comments that can be found online such as “Beautiful”, “Everything perfect” or “Beautiful spouses …”

The unusual size of the bridal bouquet

If we look at all the others bridal bouquet which are usually shown on the wedding day, we can say that yes, actually the size of that of Melissa Satta was unusual.

Generally a bouquet is much smaller and contained, but we know that celebrities always like to go overboard in some way. And then, as we said at the beginning of this article, tastes are tastes.

Surely, if such a type of bouquet was made, it is because the bride liked it and therefore the only one who had to be happy on this day had to be her.

Replicate a Bouquet of real flowers

If you want, you can make a bridal bouquet of real flowers. Or you can draw inspiration from it in the choice of colors and flowers.

To do this, it will be enough to look at some photos, perhaps taken from the web, so that you can have a reference point to be able to make the same flowers using paper , cloth or cream rubber , then arranging them in the same way.

For example, if you like the Satta bouquet but you think it is too big, it is possible to make it in one smaller version .

If therefore the total white bouquet , composed of roses, peonies is lisianthus corresponds to the bridal bouquet of your dreams, I can easily help you make it happen, perhaps starting only from the basics and revisiting it with flair and imagination, in order to make it, once again, original bouquet and exclusive, signed Unusual Bouquet.


Do you like the idea? Write to me and let’s design your “Total White” bouquet together.

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