VIP Brides Bouquet: Noemi’s Bouquet


VIP Brides Bouquet: Noemi’s Bouquet

The Italian singer Noemi got married last year and hers bridal bouquet it was definitely one alternative choice and colorful exactly in line with the style of the star.

Noemi’s wedding

The famous Italian singer Noemi , from the real name Veronica Scopelliti winner of X Factor in 2009, on 20 July 2018 she got married in Rome in a very intimate ceremony with her boyfriend and bass player Gabriel . The pair have been a stable couple for over 10 years and they have finally chosen to join in wedding , after a long coexistence, in a small ceremony restricted to a few participants.

There bride it showed up in a simple and particular dress at the same time , which exactly reflects the character of the singer who has conquered thousands of Italians. She did not choose the classic white but she relied on champagne coloring accompanied by floral embroidery. The dress was made by Atelier Emé and exactly reflects the style of our darling.

Noemi’s Bridal Bouquet

To accompany the dress was chosen a very unusual wedding bouquet . In fact, at first glance it can be seen that the bouquet is a riot of colors not in line with the classic shades chosen by the brides for this day, but which once again distinguish Noemi from the crowd making her unique.

The bridal bouquet shown by the singer has in fact unusual colors like the lilac , the fuchsia , the yellow and the pink all mixed in a rainbow of colors. The bouquet for a bride who loves to stand out and always remain herself.

For this choice she has been criticized by many but we know very well that fans love Noemi for her very being alternative and always away from the crowd.

An intimate wedding

In an era where weddings have become real shows, she decides to stay attached to traditions making them his and living them with his personal interpretation. Surely this will have made this great day even more special and having chosen to live it with a few and intimate people will have made the difference.

This choice, however, did not exclude the fans, who remained updated on the singer’s social profiles. An important day for Noemi who certainly marked the beginning of a new chapter in her life, even if she chose to always start it with her very personal way of doing.

Making Noemi’s Bouquet

Replicating the bridal bouquet chosen by Noemi is very possible, in fact you just have to choose the shades of color equal to those chosen by the singer. With i alternative bouquets , you will get an almost identical result. Maybe enriching the bouquet with completely personal fantasy notes, to differentiate yourself a little-

A original wedding bouquet like Noemi’s, it is only for all those women who want to dare and are not afraid of the judgment of others. This bouquet is certainly different and particular and therefore suitable for an alternative and non-classic ceremony. But in return, it guarantees that everyone will remember flights on your wedding day.


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