Wedding 2022: colors and trends

wedding color palette 2022-2

Wedding 2022: colors and trends

After a period of closure, it looks just like the wedding day is experiencing a new era, more based on the intimate and private character, and on the concept of well-being and wellness: the future bride is also very focused on organizing the wedding project in detail, so that such an important day is perfect in all details and is not affected by anti-Covid restrictions and rules.

Here are the 2022 wedding colors and trends , including popular ideas and proposals to transform your event into something special and unforgettable.

The color palette becomes pastel

wedding color palette 2022-2

In this period there is a great desire for novelty and positive vibes, and this renewal translates into the choice of pastel colors and soft nuances such as lemon yellow, sugar paper and light green that give a feeling of freshness . Alternatively, another trend is to use natural colors such as ocher, taupe, mustard and cream caramel.

Sustainable weddings and magical effects for a fairytale wedding

The 2022 wedding trend is to organize an eco-sustainable event , starting from the food, up to the choice of curtains and upholstery. Precisely for this reason, we try to offer a catering with organic food of the highest quality, supplied with local products and a short supply chain. Furthermore, the fabrics of the curtains and decorations are selected from organic and natural yarns, such as silk, linen and cotton.
This is where my silk bouquets come into play, made entirely by hand and in a totally artisanal way, perfect for an eco-sustainable 2022 wedding .

bouquet of silk calla lilies

I use selected fabrics and materials , with respect for the environment and natural resources, so as to provide the bride with a real gem inspired by the flora that surrounds us and that greenery that makes our days outdoors even more beautiful.

The 2022 wedding will be characterized by natural spectacles and visual magic inspired by water and light: among the most popular trends, in fact, we find light installations and curtains of pure light, combined with locations immersed in the vegetation and water games with iridescent waterfalls and ponds festively decorated.

Decorations with hanging flowers

The chandelier floral compositions , pendant and suspended, are a great must of the weddings that will be celebrated in 2022 : it is a mood that is only apparently wild and reminiscent of spontaneous vegetation, but on the contrary it is studied in all details.
The goal is to restore an enchanted forest environment, rich in green elements and flowers, but precise and beautiful, flawless from all points of view.

The chandelier-like hanging flowers hang over the heads of the guests above the main banquet table and, why not, they can be made of natural fabrics such as silk, linen, hemp and cotton. Make way for paper flowers too.

Furthermore, eco-sustainable floral compositions can be created with recycled paper and recovered fabrics, or with super-colored tissue and crepe paper.

To follow and respect the theme of wedding 2022 , an idea is to create decorations and ornaments with Amalfi paper , the same that is used to make elegant personalized wedding invitations: an extra artisan touch that increases the idea of one well-kept and precious wedding in the smallest details.

What about minimal 2022 wedding?

Dedicated to couples with strong character and personality, it is an extremely essential and minimal banqueting , but at the same time neat and impeccable, carousel on wild flowers and bunches of lavender flowers, in perfect synergy with the new forms of the most refined industrial design.


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